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Delivery Man 12a classification

Film promo picture: Delivery Man

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Genre: Drama / Comedy
Director: Ken Scott
Running time: 104 mins
Released: 10th January 2014
Website: dreamworksstudios.com

About Delivery Man

A remake of the hit French-Canadian comedy Starbuck. Middle-aged David (Vince Vaughn) is an eternal teenager. A delivery man for his family's butcher shop he enjoys having very little responsibility, preferring to amble his way through a consequence-free existence. But he is in debt to some very bad people and his unhappy girlfriend (Cobie Smulders) wishes he would take life seriously. One day he discovers that his stint as a sperm donor in the '80s produced a staggering number of successful pregnancies. Now many angry twenty-somethings are suing the clinic to find the donor codenamed Starbuck. Unwilling to reveal himself to them yet curious about their lives, David spies on them with the help of his lawyer friend Brett (Chris Pratt). Through small acts of kindness he learns about what fatherhood means.

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