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After debuting to acclaim in 2019, Wigflex City Festival returns on Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 202 with a stunning musical programme.

Built on the core principle of showcasing Nottingham's incredible potential, unrivalled creative talent and making a lasting change within the community, Wigflex City Festival brought locals, regulars and new recruits together earlier this summer to explore the breathtaking spaces Wigflex has been utilising for over 13 years of raucous parties.

Once again, Wigflex City Festival pairs mind-melting live shows with some of the most sublime selectors in the game.

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Craig Richards

Craig Richards appearing at this event

Fabric's resident DJ and musical director for Saturday nights at the club.

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Nicolas Lutz

From Jupiter to Berlin and countless capitals in between, Nicolas Lutz has always operated best on the very outskirts of dance floor culture. A master of mystery and relentless seeker, his knack for unearthing precious gemstones - for immediate exploitation and then, slowly but surely, the greater good of the community - is uncanny, and its this insistence on clearing a path between the unknown and the utterly unexpected that elevate his sets into explorations of faraway lunar landscapes and charters through the depths of murky seas.

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dBridge appearing at this event

DJ who started with renowned Drum n Bass outfit Bad Company UK.

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Desert Sound Colony

Desert Sound Colony appearing at this event

'Created in the isolation of the British countryside, Desert Sound Colony is inspired by faintly remembered sounds and almost forgotten memories. The thread running through the melodic, visceral tracks touch on a sense of melancholy present within us all. Occupying a space somewhere between ‘60s Psychedelia and the pulsating sounds of future-clubs, Desert Sound Colony is both infectious and ethereal, shrouding the listener in a gentle, rhythmical canopy.'

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Parisian born, South-London based selector cutting between clean-cut broken techno, thicc vocal breaks, and anything that makes you say 'oiiii'.

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Giant Swan

Giant Swan appearing at this event

Bristolian duo, Giant Swan, grab the necessary sounds from guitars, pedals and their own throats and deliver a raw live experience. A noisy techno bevy!

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GreenTea Peng

GreenTea Peng appearing at this event

Greentea Peng is dark and light, half soul-searcher and half wise-cracker. In a constant explorative state, she is honest and frank, her inner battles channelled through the rhythms and flows of her music. Her energy beams bright whether she’s touching on darker matters or happier moments. Visually Peng is a living, breathing piece of art - effortlessly cutting the figure of a true British original. So much so, Vivienne Westwood street cast her for her recent ‘Youth Is Revolting’ cover of Dazed.

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Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff appearing at this event

Acid and electro DJ and musician from the docks of Hamburg signed to Ninja Tune.

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Job Jobse

Amsterdam’s homespun hero, Job’s dedicated ear and gifted touch has made him a global mainstay across dancefloors from each corner of the EU and beyond. Expect the unexpected: dance floor euphoria, four to floor high NRG proto disco.

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Josey Rebelle

Rinse FM's Josey Rebelle gets the party grooving with the deadliest arsenal of house, techno, soul, disco, garage and jungle. Her selection, versatility and skills on the decks have gained her a solid reputation both in her native London and across the world.

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Lena Willikens

Rising star Lena Willikens' impulsive sets straddling the dark side of disco.

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Leon Vynehall

A lo-fi / soul / house DJ.

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Lone appearing at this event

A British electronic musician from Nottingham who blends electronica, hip hop and house. Lone has been quoted as saying that the greatest influences on his music are artists such as Boards of Canada and Madlib. He also says that fellow British musicians Keaver and Brause and Bibio have had an effect on the way he makes his music.

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Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake appearing at this event

'Rather fab.... the hippest name to drop in dance/electronica circles at the mo'- Cardiff Underground. Norfolk's finest exponent of lushtronica and bedroom techno. Nathan’s first encounters with electronic music came via the radio (hearing the likes of Aphex Twin and Orbital) and reading about the equipment that they used in magazines. This was the stimulus for him to buy some gear and begin his own sonic experiments.

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Madam X

DJ from MNX and Sonic Groove.

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Octo Octa

Octo Octa appearing at this event

With a background in sound design and several years spent as a ‘fringe IDM’ artist, New Hampshire DJ and electronic music producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison first began releasing music as Octo Octa in 2011, on LA’s newly minted underground house label 100% Silk. Maya makes house, techno and breakbeat tracks to fill your heard with joy.

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Bukky Leo & Black Egypt

Bukky Leo & Black Egypt appearing at this event

'World-class saxophonist and protege of Tony Allen and Fela Kuti, Bukky Leo's distinct style introduces traditional Afrobeat to its close relation, jazz-funk. Featuring some of the world's finest Afrobeat and jazz musicians, Black Egypt bring something new to the table, and the dancefloor'- Womad. The African beat mixes with jazz, funk and soul whilst at the same time it flirts with contemporary rhythms like broken beats and soulful house, yet maintaining at its heart the strength and groove of the sounds that Bukky has been involved in during the past 30 years.

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Yazmin Lacey

Yazmin Lacey appearing at this event

'Yaz is a beautiful soul, a poet and an engineer of the sweetest melodies. Her knack for shaping phrases gives her the subtle genius of a legend in the making. Do not sleep on this girl' Acoustickle

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Wookie appearing at this event

Wookie, the renowned producer and remixer is widely regarded as one of the most influential founding fathers of UK Garage. He began his musical career releasing classics such as “Scrappy”, “Down On Me” and “Storm” through his own label ManChu Recordings. After signing to the production collective Soul II Soul, Wookie (real name Jason Chue) released his seminal self-titled album.

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Goldie MBE

Goldie MBE appearing at this event

Seminal player from Metalheadz, former graffiti artist, breakdancer, godfather of drum'n'bass, occasional visitor to Albert Square and a resident of Celebrity Big Brother, briefly. The legendary UK dance music guru, Goldie, has been at the cutting edge of the drum and bass and jungle scene since it began over 20 years ago.

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Tom Ravenscroft

6Music DJ and son of the late great John Peel.

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Also Appearing

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