Secret Solstice 2019


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Secret Solstice, set just outside Reykjavik, Iceland, consistently boasts a lineup which is as diverse and distinctive as the festival's surroundings.

Showcasing some of the world's biggest contemporary artists, beloved cult musicians as well as fresh local talent, the festivities continue throughout the night with a little help from the midnight sun which is almost ever-present throughout the summer equinox.

With an eclectic array of artists and experiences on offer (DJ set in a glacier, anyone?), there's a perfect blend of delirium and tranquility that makes Secret Solstice an event unto itself.

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Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters appearing at this event

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters, is a heady brew of blues, gospel and psychedelia inspired by the roots music of Mississippi, Appalachia, Gambia, Bristol and the foothills of Wolverhampton. The group comprises of John Baggott on keyboards, moog, loops, percussion, drums, brass arrangement, t'bal, snare drum, slide guitar, piano, electric piano, bendir; Justin Adams on guitar, acoustic guitar, oud, E-bow quartet, percussion, snare drum, tambourine; Dave Smith on bendir, tambourine, djembe, drum kit; and Liam "Skin" Tyson on dobro, guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, twelve-string.

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Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas appearing at this event

One of the most exciting, dynamic, and most commercially successful groups of all time, The Black Eyed Peas are notorious for their anthemic pop hits transcending generations, tracks such as ‘Where Is The Love?’, ‘I Gotta Feeling’, ‘My Humps’ and ‘Meet Me Halfway’ have played the soundtrack to the lives of millions of fans across the globe. The ‘Don’t Phunk with My Heart’ hit makers consists of rappers apl.de.ap, Taboo and ITV’s The Voice regular and lead vocalist will.i.am. With 7 chart-topping studio albums, 25 million YouTube views and over 10 million monthly Spotify listeners (as of 2018), the GRAMMY award-winning hip-hop group and pop sirens have blessed us with the iconic tracks that filled radio waves for two over decades

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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix appearing at this event

Martin Garrix may not be a superhero or a secret agent, but he does possess two identities. A young student by day, but when the sun goes down he can be found behind the decks in front of packed hotspots and festivals across the globe, fraternizing with electronic dance music royalty, tirelessly producing in the studio, and dropping records.

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Rita Ora

Rita Ora appearing at this event

British-Albanian mezzo-soprano RnB queen Rita Ora has been around for a while, but came to full prominence in 2012 when she provided the vocals for DJ Fresh's 'Hot Right Now', which topped the UK singles chart. Rita followed this with her own string of no.1 singles; 'R.I.P', 'How We Do (Party)' and 'I Will Never Let You Down'. Still keen on recording collaborations outside of her solo work, Rita has also teamed up with the likes of Charli XCX, Avicii and Iggy Azalea, amongst others. Outside of her music, Rita is a regular face for cosmetics and a former mentor and judge of TV talent show The Voice.

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Patti Smith

Patti Smith appearing at this event

One of the primary catalysts to the emergent New York punk scene, that in turn infiltrated London and beyond. If ever there was a contender for the mother of punk, Patti it is.

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The Sugarhill Gang

The Sugarhill Gang appearing at this event

Pioneering rap band whose 'Rappers Delight' was the first ever rap song to hit the top 40 charts. Two of the original members of this historic group, Wonder Mike (Michael Wright) and Master Gee (Guy O'Brien) had teamed up with Henry Jackson (aka Big Bank Hank) to become the now famous Sugarhill Gang. This is where rap music began...respect!

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Yxng Bane

Yxng Bane appearing at this event

Upcoming British rapper from East London, Yxng Bane gained fame for his smooth and passionate flow mixed with harmonious and hearty singing that he credits Chris Brown and Future for serving as an inspiration since they have consistently remaining at the top despite the things they’ve been through. Gaining attention from the release of Lone Wolf, Yxng Bane has been quite consistent and dropped his first EP/mixtape Full Moon quite quickly which included soon to be hits like Doubted Me and Villain. Before rap, he wasn’t known as Yxng Bane, it was just G Mula. When he started doing the rap thing, he didn’t want to show his face, and just wanted to do it for the music, as he quotes, 'because I got love for music and I got stories to tell and things that are happening in my life.” So he decided to let just “put Yxng Bane out there, with the Bane mask.'

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Morcheeba appearing at this event

Funky soul trio consisting of founder members Paul and Ross Godfrey together with the incredible vocal talents of Skye Edwards.

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Foreign Beggars

Foreign Beggars appearing at this event

'Since their critically acclaimed debut LP 'Asylum Speakers', the Foreign Beggars crew have found themselves in a whirlwind of activity... the group has toured Europe and won 'Best New Act' at the UK Hip-Hop Awards 2004. They have collaborated with high-profile artists including Björk, Gorillaz, Skinnyman, DJ Vadim, Lootpack, and on stage alongside Public Enemy, Guru, Blak Twang and Rodney P & Skitz'- The Wardrobe, Leeds.

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Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot appearing at this event

Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk rock protest group based in Moscow. The group stages unauthorised provocative guerrilla performances in unusual public locations, which are edited into music videos and posted on the Internet. The collective's lyrical themes include feminism, LGBT rights, and opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom the group considers a dictator, and to his links with the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler appearing at this event

One of the original creators of the deep US house sound, and a true innovator within dance music.

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MK appearing at this event

Marc “MK” Kinchen is a Detroit born artist, producer, DJ and songwriter and an internationally respected name in the world of House Music. MK is responsible for creating some of the defining sounds and biggest tracks of the early house. He has worked with the biggest international artists from Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Beyonce, but has also retained near unprecedented levels of credibility within the underground dance music scene, with records such as ‘Burning’, ‘4 You’ or ‘Push The Feeling On’ remaining staples in the wallets and boxes of house DJs the world over. Through his timeless productions, MK has influenced a new generation of producer, with the result that his sound is more relevant today than it ever has been.

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James Zabiela

James Zabiela appearing at this event

A diverse and skillful DJ, James Zabiela’s stunning sets are filled with complexity and the right ingredients to get the crowd moving. The world-renowned DJ/producer is known for his mixing skills, extensive use of loops and effects, and the use of Ableton Live with his iPad and various controllers and effects units as well as Pioneer CDJ 2000s, which he helped develop.

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Jeremy Underground

Famed for his Parisian parties and his label 'My Love Is Underground'.

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Dillon Cooper

Dillon Cooper appearing at this event

Rapper Dillon Cooper is taking the world by storm with his startling combination of fresh beats, lyrical prowess, dynamic, energetic flow and his own brand of cool style. Without a doubt, this New York native is set to become a permanent fixture on America’s musical landscape.

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Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts appearing at this event

An indie band from Northern Ireland.

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Bill Patrick

DJ Bill Patrick has played a key role in the growth of one of Ibiza's most recent success stories Tini And The Gang as well as regularly appearing at Space .

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Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo appearing at this event

Norwegian-Chileno singer-songwriter, Pablo Muñoz, started the project Boy Pablo in 2016. His sound can be described as happy yet melancholic, and is often compared to other talented artists like Mild High Club, Yellow Days and Mac Demarco.

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Árstíðir appearing at this event

Árstíðir is an Icelandic indie-folk band with classical, progressive rock and minimalist elements. Aside from the genre-mix in their music the defining characteristic of this band is that all four members sing.

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R3wire & Varski

R3WIRE & VARSKI joined forces in 2010 through their shared passion for music and performance. Combining their key strengths, they have quickly become the dynamic duo known for wowing crowds. The duo plays a wide and eclectic variety of music from main room house to underground bass. They will often tease a crowd with several curve balls. The pairs’ combination of DJing ability, raw energy and polished hosting skills, which crowds gravitate towards, has created a highly tuned, powerful and effective formula.

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Henning Baer & Truss

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Grúska Babúska

Grúska Babúska is a four piece all female band from Iceland, with an out-of-space wonky, electronic, synth, melodic, acoustic and twisted sound and vocal harmonies.

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Kilo appearing at this event

Kilo has been making and performing Hip Hop/Rap for 14 years in Iceland. Warming up for such acts like Hopsin, The Pharcyde, R.A The Rugged man and many of Iceland’s hottest rap acts. In October 2016 he released the track MAGNIFICO, leading him to be considered as one of the most skilful rappers in the country and earning the respect of his peers and fans with years of hard work.

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Pink Street Boys

Pink Street Boys formed in 2013 on Pink Street, Kópavogur, an industrial Icelandic suburb.

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Sólstafir appearing at this event

Sólstafir is an Icelandic metal band which formed in 1995 and currently has four full length releases. The band's unique style has made it hard to categorize Sólstafir into a specific genre or group of genres. Sólstafir were formed by 3 friends, Aðalbjörn Tryggvason, Halldór Einarsson and Guðmundur Óli Pálmason in January 1995.

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The Vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan appearing at this event

A young blues / prog rock band from Álftanes, Iceland whose musical influences are very diverse but mainly include the classic hard rock of the 60’s and 70’s. Though the influence may suggest a glorified retro-type band, The Vintage Caravan do it in their own way with a powerful attitude and a modern twist.

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Vök appearing at this event

Icelandic electronic pop band Vök are reminiscent of Poliça and The Knife with haunting and persistent beats. Named after the Icelandic word for ‘hole in the ice’, the trio hail from Hafnarfjörður, a town famous for allegedly being home to a large, hidden elvish settlement. This mysticism and magic which surrounds their hometown reflects in the dreaminess of Vök melodies and the celestial, otherworldliness of their vocals.

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We Made God

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Also Appearing

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