Rebellion Festival 2018

Rebellion Festival 2018

at Blackpool Winter Gardens

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Rebellion Festivals is the largest independent punk / alternative music festival in the world. Over four days every August in Blackpool, the very best in punk gather for the social event of the year.

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Public Image Ltd

Public Image Ltd appearing at this event

Widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential bands of all time, PiL's music and vision has earned them a string of UK Top 40 singles and albums including the no.5 hit 'This Is Not A Love Song'. With a shifting line-up and unique sound, John Lydon guided the band from their debut album 'First Issue' in 1978 through to 1992's 'That What Is Not'. Then after a 17 year hiatus, Lydon reactivated PiL in 2009 by taking them back on the road and continues to record new material, with 2012's 'This Is Pil' and 2015's 'What The World Needs Now... both reaching the UK Top 40 album charts. 2018 sees them reach their 40th anniversary with a career–spanning box set and a documentary.

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Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers appearing at this event

Original 70s punks from Belfast still fronted by the iconic Jake Burns - and fave band of former England defender Stuart Pearce. Unlike many of the genre, SLF's music combines lyrics that meld the personal and political, music that combines the energy of punk with infectious hooks, and delivery that rings of honesty and commitment.

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Buzzcocks appearing at this event

Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band, formed in Bolton in 1976, they are regarded as an important influence on the Manchester music scene, the independent record label movement, punk rock, power pop, and pop punk. Their lead singer Pete Shelley passed away in December 2018 but the band decided to carry on as a trio.

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The Exploited

The Exploited appearing at this event

Riot-starting, bouncer-bashing, cop-baiting, hotel-trashing, foul-talking, noise-making, chaos-causing, venue-wrecking, government-hating, rule-breaking, unrelenting, punk rocking... Let's get one thing straight: The Exploited are not 'punkers' or any of the other cutesy, watered down, MTV-friendly names you might want to call them - The Exploited are punk rock.

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Lagwagon appearing at this event

Lagwagon is an American punk rock band originally from Goleta, California, just outside Santa Barbara. They formed in 1990, went on hiatus in 2000, and reunited several times over the years. Their name comes from the band's tour van, which can be seen on the back cover of their 1994 second album Trashed.

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The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts appearing at this event

Since forming in 1989, The Wildhearts have remained at the forefront of the British rock scene and their legendary live shows have been second to none. The Wildhearts, with the line up of Ginger and CJ on guitars and vocals, bassist Danny McCormack and Ritch Battersby on drums, continue to hold firm with their motto 'Louder than llfe and better than everything else'. 2019 sees the release of 'Renaissence Men', their first new album in 10 years.

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The Adicts

The Adicts appearing at this event

The Adicts began life as the Afterbirth & The Pinz, in their hometown of Ipswich back in late 1975. They soon changed their name, and scored many indie chart hits in the eighties. Unbelievably they are still together, and still making great music, with the same line-up (plus a couple of new members). The Adicts and became known for their distinctive Clockwork Orange 'Droog' image, which, along with urgent, uptempo music and light-hearted lyrics.

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Mad Caddies

Mad Caddies appearing at this event

Mad Caddies are a reggae and dixieland jazz influenced softcore punk-rock septet from Southern California.

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The Cockney Rejects

The Cockney Rejects appearing at this event

Originally formed in 1978, this English punk band have had hits including 'Oi, Oi, Oi', the inspiration for the Oi! music genre, and 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles', a song traditionally sung by West Ham supporters. The lyrics of their songs often depict violence and express contempt for politicians. The band went their seperate ways in 1990, to reform again with a slightly altered line-up in 1999.

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Peter Hook

Peter Hook appearing at this event

Best known as the bassist from Joy Division and New Order. Peter decided to honour the outstanding work of his first band and the undoubted genius of the late Ian Curtis by giving people the opportunity to hear past Joy Division albums performed live and in their entirety. Backed by his band The Light, Hooky first played 'Unknown Pleasures' at the Factory club in Manchester in 2010, and has continued to tour the back catalogue ever since.

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Angelic Upstarts

Angelic Upstarts appearing at this event

Classic punk four-piece from South Shields. The Angelic Upstarts make rowdy, angry and feisty punk, the way it was made in the first place. Having been playing together since the late seventies, these guys know both their punk and their politics.

See 3 tour dates featuring Angelic Upstarts

The Dickies

The Dickies appearing at this event

Ultra-fast and outrageously energetic post-punk band whose chart success included covers of 'Knights in White Satin', Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' and the theme from 'Banana Splits'.

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Slaughter & The Dogs

Slaughter & The Dogs appearing at this event

Archetypal Punk band. Fast, furious and full of speed, coinciding with Punk, the Sex Pistols and arguably predating it.

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Discharge appearing at this event

A hardcore UK punk/metal band who originally formed in 1977, they are often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore punk. The band's music is characterized by a heavy, distorted, and grinding guitar-driven sound and rawly shouted vocals, with lyrics on anarchist and pacifist themes. Experts at screaming vocals and heavy guitars and pioneers of 'D-beat' (Discharge-beat), the punk sub genre. Among their fans are Metallica, who covered two Discharge songs on their 1998 album 'Garage Inc'.

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UK Subs

UK Subs appearing at this event

There’s not many bands that have the respect of EVERYONE on the punk scene. But Charlie Harpers UK SUBS is that exception. Formed in 1976, the mainstay of the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper, originally a singer in Britain's R&B scene (now venerated as the godfather of UK punk) the band has continued and thrived. 2010 marked the fifth decade in which the U.K. Subs had continually graced the Punk Rock scene, widely recognised as one of the most consistently and visibly successful punk bands - they maintain and pioneer the true spirit of punk rock, without the compromise and watering-down that has affected so many of their contemporaries.

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Ruts DC

Ruts DC appearing at this event

The Ruts DC were formed in 1981 by the rhythm section and guitarist of The Ruts. The Ruts had had three whirlwind years of success and much critical acclaim - excellent releases included the singles "Babylons Burning" ,"Jah War"," Something That I Said" and "Staring At The Rude Boys" and the albums "The Crack", "Grin And Bear It" and "Animal Now'. The late great John Peel at Radio 1 strongly supported the band's debut single "In A Rut", which was released on the label 'People Unite' by reggae band Misty In Roots, as they shared the common fight against racism and the National Front. They were later invited to play live for him, and their 1979 "Peel Sessions" set was eventually released as a 12-inch in 1986. The band continue to tour extensively and record, with 2016 album "Music Must Destroy" being voted 'Album of the Year' by Vive Le Rock magazine.

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GBH appearing at this event

Causing anarchy since 1978, these classic old school punk junkies have now been delivering GBH on the earholes for over 30 years. Today's GBH line-up comprises the original core trio of Colin (Col) Abrahall on vocalsm, Colin (Jock) Blyth on guitar, Ross Lomas on bass, joined by Scott Preecem their drummer for the past 17+ years.

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IDLES appearing at this event

IDLES are a heavy post-punk band from Bristol. They want to entertain and hurt in equal measure. They believe that art and violence work. Their spirit colour is coral pink. One of them loves queuing, one struggles counting, one has been arrested 8 times, one doesn't like music and one puts sausage rolls on his pizza! 'IDLES are hard to capture, because they're not Fat White Family, they're not Sleaford Mods, they are very much their own incarnation of uncompromising rhythmical punk rock. Lyrically, a mixture of dry obsessional humour and poetic slogans. But, best of all, they really get the adrenaline pumping' - Steve Lamacq, BBC6 Music.

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The Professionals

The Professionals appearing at this event

Formed by Paul Cook and Steve Jones, The Professionals arrived on the scene in 1979 following the demise of the Sex Pistols, but split just 3 years later. In celebration of the release of a three-disc set by the Universal Music Group, The Professionals reformed in October 2015 (minus Steve Jones and with the addition of Tom Spencer) for a critically acclaimed, sold out 100 Club show. Fast-forward to 2017 and the new band spearheaded by Paul Cook, Paul Myers and Tom Spencer are set to release the first material under the Professionals name in 35 years with the full blessing of founding member Steve Jones.

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Anti Nowhere League

Anti Nowhere League appearing at this event

An infamous group of hardcore punk rock anarchists, Anti Nowhere League have been living the punk lifestyle for over two decades. Lead singer Animal and his friend Magoo formed the band in 1980, and promptly got arrested at their very first gig. The history of the League is littered with brushes with the law, rock and roll misbehaviour and very loud music. There have been band break-ups and reformations aplenty, but Animal and his chums can be found plying their wares to this very day.

See 11 tour dates featuring Anti Nowhere League

Theatre Of Hate

Theatre Of Hate appearing at this event

80's Post-punk gothic rockers led by by Kirk Brandon (who later formed Spear Of Destiny) joined by Stan Stammers and John 'Boy' Lennard alongside Adrian Portas (New Model Army) and Danny Farrant (The Buzzcocks). Their back catalogue of classics include Legion, Do You Believe In The Westworld?, Original Sin and Rebel Without A Brain and their music takes a similar path to John Lydon's PiL.

See 5 tour dates featuring Theatre Of Hate

Jah Wobble

Jah Wobble appearing at this event

Jah Wobble has always managed to surprise, delight and confound his core audience. Never following dictates of record marketing men, he provides continued creativity and invention. A fantastic aural journey through dub, world, ambient and avant-rock music, as Jah paints his entrancingly dark, textural soundscapes.

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DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)

DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) appearing at this event

The Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, playing pure hardcore punk since 1982.

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T.S.O.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty) is a five piece American punk rock band formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California. Although most commonly associated with hardcore punk, T.S.O.L.'s music varies on each release. They have also released music in the styles of deathrock, art punk, horror punk, and other varieties of punk music.

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The Queers

American old skool punk legends.

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Neville Staple

Neville Staple appearing at this event

The original rude boy, and one of the undisputed forerunners of the ska movement. Best known for being the lead singer of The Specials, Neville is credited with changing the face of pop music not only once but twice. His biography reads like a who's who of rock. Not only has he worked with such legends as Elvis Costello, David Byrne and Ali Campbell but has also shared the stage with ska icons Rankin Roger (English Beat), forming Special Beat. Although this line up never actually recorded an album, they successfully toured the US with Sting and Steel Pulse before embarking on their own headline tour.

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SNFU appearing at this event

SNFU is one of the longest running, most popular Canadian punk acts, formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1981. The band packed it in 2005 not long after the release of In The Mean Time and In-Between Time. Muc went back to school, and the other band members went their own ways rather than try to replace him. That is, until 2007 when Mr. Chi Pig appeared on stage again fronting a band he was calling "asSNFU" for a small number of shows to celebrate the band's long history.

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The Adolescents

The Adolescents are an American punk rock band formed in 1980 in Fullerton, California. It is a punk supergroup, made up of early members of Agent Orange and Social Distortion. They are often credited as one of the leading bands of the 1980s hardcore punk scene. The band has influenced many notable punk rock, alternative and hard rock/metal groups, including Bad Religion, NOFX, Face to Face, Good Riddance,The Offspring,Pennywise,Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fu Manchu, Mudhoney,Blink-182 and The Vandals.

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The Weirdos

The Weirdos are an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. They formed in 1975 and broke up in 1981, were occasionally active in the 1980s, and recorded new material in the 1990s.

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Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Peter And The Test Tube Babies appearing at this event

Brighton's finest purveyors of anarchic punk rock since 1978. Responsible for the sense of humour held inside songs like Banned From The Pubs and Alien Pubduction.

See 3 tour dates featuring Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Voodoo Glow Skulls

Voodoo Glow Skulls appearing at this event

A bilingual (Spanish and English) band from Riverside, California, who have been pumping out energetic ska punk since 1988. Their unique style incorporates elements of Mexican music and rock into the ska-core template. The band's legendary, raucous live shows have taken them all around the world, including Brazil and Japan, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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Subhumans appearing at this event

Anarchist punk legends from the 80s.

See 2 tour dates featuring Subhumans

Dirt Box Disco

Dirt Box Disco appearing at this event

A five piece alternative / glam punk band from the Midlands.

See 7 tour dates featuring Dirt Box Disco

Authority Zero

Authority Zero appearing at this event

Since ’94 four-piece Authority Zero from Mesa, AZ, have brought their unique signature sound to the masses, a mix of SoCal punk with reggae and ska tendencies. A lot has changed in the 20 plus years since the band got their start but they’ve found a way to persist and thrive in today’s ever-changing music world.

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The Men They Couldn't Hang

The Men They Couldn't Hang appearing at this event

Acoustic pop of the highest quality from the pen of Phil Odgers. Selling out venues across the land with their firebrand mix of punk passion, rousing guitars and folk roots.

See 8 tour dates featuring The Men They Couldn't Hang

Lawrence Arms

Lawrence Arms appearing at this event

Gruff and aggressive punk rock band from Chicago, USA, formerly known as Slapstick.

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999 appearing at this event

One of the original punksters from the summer of '77 - and are still angry after all these years!

See 5 tour dates featuring 999

Chron Gen

Raised on a healthy diet of the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned, Chron Gen are a punk band from Hertfordshire.

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Gimp Fist

Gimp Fist appearing at this event

North East three-piece influenced by Minor Threat with deep street punk roots.

See 3 tour dates featuring Gimp Fist

Wonk Unit

Wonk Unit appearing at this event

Former members of The Flying Medallions bring gritty punk dudes with attitude. Front man Alex Brindle-Johnson is a modern day renaissance man, a plasterer by trade, he is also published author - having written a book during his commute to and from various London building sites. As Wonk Unit, they deliver a healthy dose of punk rock cynicism and bitter irony. "“One of the most unique bands in modern punk rock" - Art Rocker. “Wonk Unit are arguably the future of punk rock" - Louder Than War.

See 9 tour dates featuring Wonk Unit

Jaya The Cat

Jaya The Cat appearing at this event

Originating from Boston and currently based in Amsterdam, Jaya The Cat play an original blend of reggae, ska and punk rock - dosed with dub and dance hall beats, all blending into a musical soundtrack to support tales filled with drunken sunrises, narrow escapes, dysfunctional love affairs, political disillusionment and optimistically raised glasses, through seedy bars, carnival parades and late night dives.

See 4 tour dates featuring Jaya The Cat

The Members

The Members appearing at this event

Formed in 1977 The Members are not a hardcore band - they play UK 1977 style punk, post punk and Reggae and they were one of the first punk groups to successfully incorporate Reggae into their set. Their biggest hit, the million selling, 'Sound of the Suburbs', has appeared on TV commercials and movies all over the world and is an instantly recognisable punk anthem. Their single 'Offshore Banking Business' is as pertinent today as it was 30 years ago.

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The Filaments

The Filaments appearing at this event

The Filaments are widely hailed as one of the UK's premier punk acts. They are fast and furious, no-nonsense punk rock with a ripping brass section from Essex, perfectly filling the gap between rancid and conflict. They've toured with The Casualties, Deadline, Horrorpops, Lars Frederiksen and The B*stards!

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The Defects

It was back in 1978 in their native Belfast that The Defects first started. The Defects debut 7 inch vinyl single 'Dance until you drop' was released in 1979 and sold well enough to attract the attention of Melody Maker's punk journalist Carol Clerk, herself a native of Northern Ireland. Fast forward to 2009. Buck and Glenn were asked to reform the band to play at the 2010 Punk and Disorderly festival in Blackpool and they agreed. They have been jamming hard with Roy McAllister on guitar and Aidy on bass.

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Millions Of Dead Cops

Millions Of Dead Cops appearing at this event

MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) is an American hardcore punk band formed in Austin, Texas in 1979. The band were subsequently based in San Francisco, California, and are currently based in Portland, Oregon. MDC originally formed as The Stains before changing their name. Playing hyper-speed punk rock associated with far left sociopolitical issues has earned the band close association with Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys, as well as numerous other US punk bands of the early eighties.

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Newtown Neurotics

See Newtown Neurotics tour dates


Spizzenergi appearing at this event

Classic seventies new wave rock from these multi-named punk survivors. Best known for their anthem 'Where's Captain Kirk?', later covered by REM for a fan club release.

See Spizzenergi tour dates

Vice Squad

Vice Squad appearing at this event

Vice Squad are a female fronted UK Punk Rock band that delivers short sharp songs with incisive lyrics spat out over a thunderous rhythm and machine gun Rock ’n’ Roll guitars. Renowned for their high energy live shows the band deliver their set with passion and humour and have been touring and releasing successful albums since the1980s. Their latest album ‘Cardboard Country’ was released on their own Last Rockers label last year, the album is launched on the back of a very successful Pledge campaign raising funds for the Shelter homeless charity in line with the album title.  Vice Squad is fronted by raucous voiced singer/guitarist Beki Bondage who was featured on the front cover of a number of influential music tabloids such as Melody Maker, NME, Sounds, Record Mirror and Smash Hits. The band is 100% DIY and has no record company or management backing. Since reforming Vice Squad in 1997 the band has released several albums with powerful punk songs that are very well received by fans and press. In keeping with the DIY ethic the albums were recorded in the front room of Beki’s South London flat.

See 3 tour dates featuring Vice Squad

Rubella Ballet

Rubella Ballet, constructed around the enduring nucleus of Sid Truelove and Zillah Minx, formed at a gig in 1979 when Crass invited their audience to use their equipment. The newly formed group took to the road with Crass and the Poison Girls, quickly establishing a unique niche and standing out from the multitudes in black combat wear with their vibrant visual image. After reforming in the late 1990s, recent gigs have shown that their power continues undiminished, with an original, atmospheric black UV light show and performances that continues to defy stereotypes. Their songs that have politically and ethically more than stood the test of time, highlighting the groundbreaking nature of Rubella Ballet’s original stage show, music and ideas.

See 2 tour dates featuring Rubella Ballet


Fischer-Z appearing at this event

One of the founders, along with the likes of Kraftwerk, of the late 70s electro-pop scene which in turn gave rise to the 80s synth-pop bands like Human League and OMD.

See 2 tour dates featuring Fischer-Z

The Stupids

The Stupids are a London based, skate punk thrash band created by Tom Withers.

See The Stupids tour dates

Evil Blizzard

Evil Blizzard appearing at this event

In 2014, debut album The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard was unleashed upon the world and its sonic grooves and unrelenting weirdness quickly captured, and held hostage, the minds and imaginations of freaks across the land. Landing on the cover of The Guardian’s entertainment supplement, and warping the brains of Kerrang’s readership, the five-piece won accolades and nervous glances wherever they went. The band continue to deliver sinister psychedelic rock that will melt your mind and soul. You have been warned.

See 7 tour dates featuring Evil Blizzard

Los Fastidios

Los Fastidios appearing at this event

Los Fastidios is an Italian Oi! band with a winning blend of street sounds, from streetpunk to ska, rocksteady/reggae, from rock'n'roll, melodic punk and street soul.

See Los Fastidios tour dates

Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs

Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs appearing at this event

Described as Britain's answer to Hayseed Dixie, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs have supported such luminaries as Bad Manners and Chas & Dave. They are definatley one of the most unique musical acts on the circuit today. Covering a wide range of music from geuine 1950's skiffle such as Lonny Donnegan, through Led Zepeillin and The Doors, via Johnny Cash to modern classics such as Greenday, Motorhead and even The Pussy Cat Dolls! This band appeals to a wide range of ages and tastes.

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The Ramonas

The Ramonas appearing at this event

The Ramonas try to capture the magic which the Ramones had in their early days. The on stage energy level is intense to put it mildly. Unfortunately it will never be possible to see the Ramones live again so the Ramonas are the next best thing for any Ramones fan.

See 16 tour dates featuring The Ramonas

Citizen Fish

Citizen Fish appearing at this event

Masters of punk and ska with a band featuring former members of Subhumans. A politically edged mix of anthemic punk, ska, and lively rock 'n' roll. 'The whole planet is going insane' - Words of wisdom, brought to you by Citizen Fish.

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Zounds are an English anarchist band formed in 1977.

See Zounds tour dates

Paranoid Visions

Irish anarcho DIY punks who formed in 1981. They've since supported the likes of the Damned, Manic Street Preachers, Snuff and the Sex Pistols on their Filthy Lucre tour.

See Paranoid Visions tour dates

The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs appearing at this event

Lancaster duo David and Holly are the Lovely Eggs. They make short, sharp punk-pop songs with sweet and sour lyrics. The strange song topics range from bikes and snails to digital accordians and watermelons. Holly was previously the lead singer for late-90's girl band Angelica, loved by Steve Lamacq, while The Lovely Eggs have found fans with 6 Music's Marc Riley, Radio 1's Huw Stephens and Art Brut's Eddie Argos. Their 'Don't Look At Me' video became a YouTube sensation thanks to a guest appearance by cult comic character John Shuttleworth, while the single 'Allergies' was produced by Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals, who also made a cameo in the video.

See 35 tour dates featuring The Lovely Eggs

Red Alert

See Red Alert tour dates

Sick On The Bus

Sick On The Bus appearing at this event

Old school punk just like it was in 1977!

See Sick On The Bus tour dates

Channel 3

See Channel 3 tour dates

Maid Of Ace

Maid Of Ace appearing at this event

Four sisters who deliver adrenaline-fueled punk-rock; Maid of Ace consist of Alison Cara Elliott (lead vocals/guitar), Anna Coral Elliott (guitar/vocals), Amy Catherine Elliott (bass/vocals) and Abby Charlotte Elliott drums). Continuing to make a name for themselves across the globe, the hard-hitting siblings have become an indestructible unit and a force to be reckoned with. known best for their live energy, raw sound and straight-to-the-point punk rock.

See Maid Of Ace tour dates

Bar Stool Preachers

Bar Stool Preachers appearing at this event

"Mixing the ska-punk dexterity of prime time Rancid with the socialist sensibilities of the Newton Neurotics or Angelic Upstarts" - Bar Stool Preachers are a fresh Punk and Ska band straight out of Brighton. They make intelligent punk anthems and poignant, unsentimental love songs.

See 6 tour dates featuring Bar Stool Preachers

Cyanide Pills (Formerly The Terminals)

From Leeds, Cyanide Pills create perfect pop-punk, the likes of which haven’t been heard since The Boys, Buzzcocks and Dickies. The urgency of their singles and eponymous debut LP reveal a very British take on late-1970s punk, whereas new recordings like “Outta Nowhere” reveal new glam leanings with “Laser Love”-era Bolan riffs, tubthumping drums and handclaps.

See Cyanide Pills (Formerly The Terminals) tour dates

Drongos For Europe

Drongos For Europe appearing at this event

A four-piece band of West Midland Street Punks. "Without doubt one of the most exciting Punk bands playing anywhere in the World today. From the brilliant Barcode Generation to Hotline to Hades the Drongos are no longer playing the best Punk Rock in the UK but clearly setting the standard for Punk to come. Intelligent Exhilirating. Honest. Quite simply - Brilliant" - Kerrang! Radio

See 2 tour dates featuring Drongos For Europe

Hagar The Womb

A female fronted punk band who originally formed in 1981, split in 1987 but reformed in 2011.

See Hagar The Womb tour dates

Blyth Power

'An eclectic agglomeration of musical and literary tastes which has found expression through the medium of sound, and which for the past fifteen years has been ploughing its unique furrow through the barren wastes of the music scene.' Original rootsy-rock faves credited by the likes of Chumbawumba and The Levellers as a major influence.

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Splodgenessabounds appearing at this event

Renowned for the lyrical masterpiece 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please' and the Rolf Harris cover 'Two Little Boys'; Splodge brings a unique mixture of 'pathetique' punk and bawdy beer swilling humour to the stage. Originally winners of the Melody Maker band competition in 1976, where the whole band appeared naked with cardboard boxes on their heads (full marks for originality); Splodgenessabounds went on to become a national name with appearances on Top of the Pops, complete with a nine-piece band and a dog called 'Two Pint's Pearson', and a national number one!

See 2 tour dates featuring Splodgenessabounds

In Evil Hour

In Evil Hour appearing at this event

In Evil Hour have been playing together in various guises since 2003. Featuring gravelly vocals, energetic live shows and hard-hitting punk rock melodies, they are a volatile hardcore-inspired collision between punk rock and politics driven by a disdain for the apathy and ignorance that pervades modern culture.

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Reno Divorce

A high energy live band originally formed in Florida. Their album, Naysayers and Yesmen has received rave reviews throughout Europe.

See Reno Divorce tour dates

Popes of Chillitown

Popes of Chillitown appearing at this event

Taking all the best bits of classic 2-tone and modern ska-punk, throwing them in a blender with dub, drum & bass grooves and enough energy to power a small city are Popes of Chillitown. A six piece Ska/Dub/Punk band from London who have been rampaging through the UK scene for the last few years like an unstoppable grooving, skanking juggernaut. "More infectious than Ebola, it is almost impossible not to want to skank, jump, shake or wiggle when you listen to these guys."

See 6 tour dates featuring Popes of Chillitown

Those Naughty Lumps

Punk/New Wave/Power Pop from Liverpool.

See Those Naughty Lumps tour dates

Resistance 77

Street Punk n Oi! band established 1980 playing all over Europe and USA. With a melodic 77 street punk sound including great sing a long choruses.

See Resistance 77 tour dates

The Restarts

The Restarts are: Kieran bass/vocals, Robin guitar/vocal and Bram drums. The Restarts formed back in 1995, in Hackney, London's East End. We have been gigging in and around the UK and Europe, playing squat gigs and pubs mostly. We have been to the USA an Canada three times. We consider ourselves part of a large world wide network of DIY Punk Rock. We hope to be playing somewhere near you soon!

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The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican

The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican appearing at this event

The Greatest Show On Earth (in tank-tops). Comedy versions of classic tracks complete with lyrics from t'North.

See 6 tour dates featuring The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican

Church Of Confidence

Church Of Confidence appearing at this event

A punk rock trio from Berlin-Kreuzberg.

See Church Of Confidence tour dates


A hardcore punk rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.

See Clowns tour dates

System Of Hate

System Of Hate appearing at this event

System Of Hate are a Barnsley based dark punk rock band who feature ex members of The X Rippers, The Civilians and Total Confusion. The band is made up of Dave Sutcliffe on Vocals, Shaun 'Paddy' O'Neill on bass, Pat Crawford on guitar, Carl Gilliford on drums and Martin Roberts on keyboards. “It’s a great powerful Punk Rock take on the Killing Joke kind of thing. They've got the intensity, the feral power, the tribal drumming. Really great live, a fantastically intense show - and they are good players as well, a good tight band. The songs show a little bit of imagination" - John Robb, journalist and singer with Goldblade/The Membranes.

See System Of Hate tour dates


An old school punk act.

See Contempt tour dates

The Cundeez

The formation of The Cundeez was the result of an idea which sprung up in the NCR factory in Dundee between two shopfloor workers who chose to spend their time creating rather than slaving for the MAN! Back in the mid-2000s Dundee street poet Gary Robertson was busy penning classic po-umz fae the Dundee streetz.

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Choking Susan

A four piece, female fronted punk band from Detroit.

See Choking Susan tour dates

The Featherz

The Featherz appearing at this event

The Featherz are a Welsh/English band with glam and punk influences, led by vocalist Danie Centric. Danie formed the band with two fellow former members of Georgie Girl And Her Poussez Posse. In 2013, they completed a UK national tour supporting Boy George, in three of whose videos Danie has appeared. They also joined punk legends The Damned on a short UK tour in the winter of 2016. Since May 2014, Danie is the last remaining founder member. She is joined by Dazzle on Drums.

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Sp*nk Volcano & The Eruptions

Sp*nk Volcano & The Eruptions appearing at this event

Songwriter, guitarist and singer better known for his time and works in the outrageous punk rock n roll band Dirt Box Disco, finds himself with another outlet for the masked mad man, teamed up with the star studded eruptions to create an ever growing catalogue of music under the banner of spunk volcano and the eruptions. Constantly touring with both bands, Spunk is a vision to behold, high energy, ridiculous in every sense and an ambassador in sensible clothing, what's not to love?

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Hands Off Gretel

Hands Off Gretel appearing at this event

Four piece alt rock/grunge inspired band from South Yorkshire, Hands Off Gretel, founded by Lauren Tate, are a force to be reckoned with. Inspired by the likes of Brody Dalle and Courtney Love, Lauren made it her mission to ensure strong, young women had a voice in today's music industry, presenting an alternative to mainstream pop stars singing about broken hearts. Lauren is a powerhouse of creativity; the band's frontwoman and songwriter, she also designs Hands Off Gretel's merchandise and is responsible for their videos, album artwork and photography. Hands Off Gretel have well and truly made their mark on the UK music scene winning fans in Shirley Manson, Linda Perry and Kate Nash.

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Brassick appearing at this event

A four piece, female fronted punk rock band from the West Midlands. The band mix punk, hiphop and alternative rock influences with vocals unlike any other band out there at the moment to create a raw, punk rock sound with a message.

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Angry Agenda

A four piece Punk Rock band from Watford and the South East.

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Templeton Pek

Templeton Pek appearing at this event

Soaring melodies and seriously powerful punk-rock songs from this Birmingham-based three-piece who are 100% self-funded and have attracted the attention of Bruce Dickinson and Kerrang alike! A seasoned touring band, over the years they have shared stages with The Offspring, Rise Against, Bad Religion, Sum 41, NOFX and many more whilst touring across mainland Europe and the UK.

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The DeRellas

The DeRellas appearing at this event

London glam-punksters The DeRellas. Reprobrate rock n roll with a cheeky wink to 70s glam rock.

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Vince Ray And The Boneshakers

Vince Ray And The Boneshakers appearing at this event

Ever wondered what Vince Ray's artwork sounds like? He's been playing rock and roll music longer than he's been creating artwork, stompin' out voodoo rhythms since he was a greasy teenage punk back in the 1970s. The themes of his artwork get taken on an aural trip with the Boneshakers where you'll find foxey femme fatales rubbing shoulders with hot rodding greaseballs. The band is influenced by anything rock and roll from the last fifty years, there's no limit to any scene or style restrictions here, anything goes as long as it rocks!

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Strange Bones

Strange Bones appearing at this event

Strange Bones consist of the Bentham brothers - Bobby (vocals, guitar), Jack (guitars) and Will (bass), and Nathan Sanderson (drums). They collectively grew up on an awe-inspiring diet of everything from 70’s street punk to jungle. Singer Bobby Bentham describes the band as “a commentary on the hyper-normalisation of modern society, our reliance on self-medication and self-built technological utopias in a world of accelerated modernity.” Hypnotised by performances from the likes of Black Flag, UK-Subs and Hawkwind, the sense of community combined with blistering energy is something Strange Bones endeavor to recreate at their notoriously ferocious live shows.

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Knock Off

Proper no-frills punk rock. Massive tunes, breakneck speed and incisive lyrics are the order of the day.

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Blatoidea appearing at this event

Blatoidea from Italy/England are a young hardcore Punk band with an early '80 sound. Their lively set comprises mainly with original material but also includes a few covers which are received well including numbers by the much missed fierce second wave Punk/Skin collaboration Blitz.

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Boots N All

An oi / punk four piece band from Warminster.

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The Kut

The Kut appearing at this event

Infused with the fuzz of 90's alt rock, The Kut released her debut album "Valley of Thorns" in 2018, landing her in the Top 10 of the UK Rock Albums Chart. Also nominated in the Live UK Music Business Awards as Breakthrough Artiste 2019, The Kut is the tag of multi-instrumentalist and PhD graduate, Princess Maha. Think L7, Nirvana, Hole, Lunachicks, Deftones, Incubus and Placebo.

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Surgery Without Research

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Headstone Horrors

A four piece horror punk band from Nottingham who formed in late 2012. Fronted by ex Girlfixer’s Nat on vocals and ex submerse guitarist Forkna, Headstone Horrors have already sparked a lot of interest amongst fans and promoters. Influenced by horror bands such as Calabrese and The Creepshow they bring their own brand of street punk to the horror genre.

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Esperanza is a nine-piece ska collective from Glasgow famed for live shows where their infectious rhythm has the crowd involuntarily jumping in time. In hectic years of gigging around Scotland, they have honed and perfected a high-tempo set, combining superb self-penned songs with a selection of ska classics, so that there isn't an ounce of fat left on it.

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Millie Manders

Millie Manders appearing at this event

Millie Manders is an off the wall, off the chart, ballsy singer-songwriter from South London, who brings a party-hard mix of ska, pop and punk-rock to the stage. Blending socially conscious lyricism and carnival-esque beats with Riot Girl attitude, Millie and her band’s slick delivery with captivating stage performance is rapidly grabbing attention. Millie’s music is clearly eclectic and this is a fact she happily celebrates; “I like to think my music is full of energy and dexterity – a colourful clash of genres incorporating everything from rock and soul to ska and folk. I draw inspiration from many different artists; James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Skunk Anansie, Pink, The Who, Rolling Stones, The Specials and The Ramones being a few of my favourites. I was brought up listening to classical, theatre, rock, rhythm and blues, hip hop and more because my parents are both music lovers so it all plays a part in the way I write.”

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Revenge of The Psychotronic Man

Revenge of The Psychotronic Man appearing at this event

These uncompromising Manchester-based punk rockers put on one of the most energetic live shows in Britain right now. Mixing elements of hardcore & punk rock - a la Zeke, Kid Dynamite, Motorhead - this three piece have created a loyal fanbase in the North of the UK and go from strength to strength with every performance. They might have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks on occasion, but there’s also serious side to the breakneck punk that RPM are peddling. Scratch beneath the surface, or leaf through their lyrics sheets, and you’ll see references to political commentator Owen Jones, authors Paulo Coelho, Mark Twain and Helen Keller plus controversial artist Ai WeiWei.

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The Yalla Yallas

The Yalla Yallas are an alternative, electronica, indie, punk, rock, rockabilly, songwriter group from Leeds.

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No Thrills

Punk-pop from Penrith.

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Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Bad Cop/Bad Cop appearing at this event

All female Punk band from California signed to Fat Wreck Chords.

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Chaos 8

Chaos 8 appearing at this event

A rock jug o` nought. It`s brutal.

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Valis Ablaze

Valis Ablaze appearing at this event

Progressive metal five-piece from Bristol, Valis Ablaze's music is full of unique dips and swells created through subtle complexities in their instrumental and structural arrangements. Low end grooves juxtaposed with soaring vocal lines, crisp cleans and atmospheric synths up against dirty, growling bass.

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Faintest Idea

Faintest Idea appearing at this event

What started out as a visceral punk band venting their political angst, Kings Lynn's Faintest Idea have slowly developed their own signature blend of street punk with horns with 2-Tone, ska and reggae influences naturally bleeding through. Their lyrics tackle current global issues such as ecological destruction, the failures of capitalism, the seeming futility of voting and the rising problems with mental health.

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Vox Populi

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Aerial Salad

Aerial Salad appearing at this event

Aerial Salad are three little scamps from Manchester. They're not even out of their teens yet but Jamie's songwriting is as honest and real as it gets. Pure, raw, angst. If Green Day sounded like this after 'Dookie' it would be classed as their best release.

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The Macc Lads

The Macc Lads appearing at this event

The Macc Lads are a punk rock band from Macclesfield, famous for their politically incorrect lyrics and notorious behaviour.

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A five piece post-punk band from London who formed in 2011.

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The Attack

The Attack appearing at this event

Florida punk 4-piece The Attack have sculpted their own brand of traditional street punk, taking influence from punk rock throughout the decades. "I was introduced to punk by some friends in the UK in the early 80’s, then followed it up as a regular in the New York Hardcore scene based around CBGB’s." said guitarist Brad Palkevich. "Charlie and Mikey were big on the ska-punk explosion of the 90’s and that really inspired them. Jason, the youngest of all is 100% died in the wool mid to late 90’s punk."

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