Pumpkin Levy Punk Weekender

at Klondyke Club, Manchester
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Weekend of fun with an indoor and outdoor stage.


Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls appearing at this event

Petrol Girls are a feminist post-hardcore band based in South East London. Their music combines manic jagged rhythms with vocals that range from furious screaming to intricate melodies and harmonies. They are known for their explosive live performances, with influences such as: Refused, White Lung, Bikini Kill, RVIVR, Propagandhi, At The Drive In and War On Women. Petrol Girls formed in 2013 for an international women's day gig, identify explicitly as a feminist band and draw on personal experiences to challenge and ridicule sexism, as well as exploring wider political themes, such as alienation, mental health and the current anti-austerity movement.

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Dawn Ray'd

Dawn Ray'd appearing at this event

Black metal from the north of England.

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AOS3 appearing at this event

A psychedelic dub punk band from Sunderland who formed in 1990. Part of the anarcho punk movement, AOS3’s lyrics reflect the bands political stance. The songs ‘Battle of Trafalgar’ and ‘Dubbin’ Up a Riot’ describe the 1990 Poll Tax Riot in Trafalgar Square, and the bands’ cover of the The AK 47’s ‘Tottenham 3’ protests the innocence of the three men wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of PC Blakelock at the Broadwater Farm Riot in 1985. AOS3 split in 1995, and singer John relocated to London going on to form P.A.I.N with Phil from Radical Dance Faction. AOS3 reformed in 2007, and have since toured with Citizen Fish, and are working on a third studio album.

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The Domestics

The Domestics appearing at this event

Self described "East Anglian hardcore punk monsters", The Domestics are a great five piece hardcore/punk band who formed in summer 2011. They released their 4th album in 2018 and put on an amazing live show, with tours across the UK and mainland Europe. Their influences range from Black Flag to Dead Kennedys to Out Cold to Warhead.

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The Lab Rats

Politically and socially conscious acoustic folk, featuring members of Bolshy and Wadeye.

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The Dub Righters

The Dub Righters appearing at this event

London three-piece The Dub Righters are Lawrence Harrington - guitar, vocals, Ryan Conroy - bass and Adam Hornsby - drums. They draw influence from classic Reggae, gravel-voiced Punk Rock and the traditional 2-Tone sound whilst mixing it up with an injection of golden-age Hip-Hop. The band pride themselves on their stance on being supportive of Punk Rock positivity, anti-fascism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, animal rights and refugee rights.

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The Down and Outs

A band fuelled by sweat and blood to produce a whole slew of charged street punk anthems.

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Also Appearing

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