Primavera Sound Barcelona 2020

at Parc Del Forum, Barcelona

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Primavera Sound is a zeitgeist-chasing multi-genre music festival in Barcelona, Spain. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the festival has to be on any serious music fan's bucket list.

Spread across 16 stages, Primavera Sound annually curates a lineup of the most innovative and influential acts across all popular genres, whether that's lo-fi indie, glossy pop, Latin trap, or underground techno.

All this goes down at the festival's iconic home in Parc del Fòrum, with the Mediterranean Sea and its famed architecture acting as a backdrop to the music.

Please visit www.primaverasound.es/?lang=en for more information.



Abbath appearing at this event

'Immortal’s frontman and founding member has been writing and rehearsing fervently, with a deluge of new material ready to be recorded; unable to come to an agreement in order move forward with the other members of the band, he has formed a new line up. Whilst grateful and respectful for the contributions of Demonaz, Horgh and Apollyon, the time is now right for Abbath to present his art to the world and continue to evolve the legacy.'

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Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens appearing at this event

Amelie Lens is a Belgian electronic music DJ, record producer, former model and co-owner of the Lenske record label.

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Aurora Halal

Aurora Halal is a producer and creator of Brooklyn's Mutual Dreaming party series & the Sustain-Release festival.

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Automatic appearing at this event

Experimental / noise punk pop from Los Angeles. Automatic is Izzy Glaudini (synths, vocals), Lola Dompé (drums, vocals) and Halle Saxon (bass, vocals). The band first met while immersed in L.A.’s DIY music scene and started jamming together in 2017. Once they started playing out, word quickly spread about their explosive live shows.

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Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny appearing at this event

As one of Latin America’s biggest success stories, Bad Bunny has positioned himself as one of the top Latin urban artists and as a pioneer of the Latin Trap movement. With critical acclaim in Latin America, Bad Bunny transitioned to the international landscape, where he had already begun creating waves of revolution with his participation in “Know No Better Remix” alongside Major Lazer, Camila Cabello, Travis Scott and Quavo.

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Bauhaus appearing at this event

Bauhaus are an English rock band, formed in Northampton in 1978 by members Daniel Ash (guitar, saxophone), Peter Murphy (vocals, occasional instruments), Kevin Haskins (drums) and David J (bass). The band was originally named Bauhaus 1919 in reference to the first operating year of the German art school Bauhaus, although they shortened the name within a year of formation. One of the pioneers of gothic rock, Bauhaus were known for their dark image and gloomy sound, although they mixed many genres, including dub, glam rock, psychedelia and funk. Bauhaus broke up in 1983. Murphy began a solo career while Ash and Haskins continued as Tones on Tail and, later, reunited with David J to form Love and Rockets. Both enjoyed greater commercial success in the United States than Bauhaus had, but disappeared from the charts in their homeland. Bauhaus eventually reunited for a 1998 tour, again from 2005 to 2008, and once again in 2019. 'The founding fathers of goth rock, creating a minimalistic, overbearingly gloomy style of post-punk rock driven by jagged guitar chords and cold, distant synthesizers' (Artist Direct)

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Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny appearing at this event

Beach Bunny is the singer-songwriter project and stage name of Lili Trifilio, with tunes reminiscent of alt-pop and 'sadgirl' music, beginning in 2015. Adding backing musicians Matt Henkels (guitar) and Jon Alvarado (drums) to her live performances in 2017, Beach Bunny is a Chicago act you don't want to miss. From people falling head over heels for Lili's sweet voice and catchy composition style, her latest release Crybaby took Chicago by storm. Drawing inspiration from heartache, her brother fighting cancer, struggles of being a female in the scene, and everyday obstacles - you can listen to Beach Bunny on almost every streaming platform.

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Beck appearing at this event

Beck's rambling collage of sound is built up from cryptic Dylanesque lyrics, Delta blues, hiphop and rock'n'roll. Blended in a carefree, lo-fi style, his sound is original and has earned huge critical acclaim. Beck continues to produce innovative material and looks set to become one of his generation's great singer-songwriters.

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One of the co-owners of Hessle Audio and DJ.

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Bicep appearing at this event

Bicep hail from Belfast, brought together through a common obsession with all things analog. Their love for cutting-edge and hard-to-find disco, Chicago-house, Detroit techno and Italo, along with a love of jazz, rock and funk, have helped Bicep build an extensive fan base and has resulted in a busy worldwide tour schedule.

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Big Freedia

Big Freedia appearing at this event

Big Freedia (pronounced “FREE-da”), known as the Queen of Bounce, is at the forefront of the Bounce rap movement (a subgenre of hip-hop born out of New Orleans and known for its call and response style and lightening speed booty-shaking dance). Performing five out of seven nights in any given week with dancers she calls The Divas, Big Freedia’s show is nothing short of dazzling.

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Bikini Kill

Bikini Kill appearing at this event

Formed in 1990, Bikini Kill are an American punk rock band fronted by Kathleen Hanna who are credited with instigating the Riot Grrrl movement in the via their political lyrics, zines and confrontational live show. Bikini Kill believed that if all girls started bands the world would change. They actively encouraged women and girls to start bands as a means of cultural resistance. Bikini Kill was inspired by seeing Babes in Toyland play live and attempted to incite female participation and build feminist community via the punk scene. They used touring as a way to create an underground network between girls who played music, put on shows and made fanzines. This independent media making and informal network created a forum for multiple female voices to be heard. Splitting up in 1997, the 7 short years they were active had a lasting impact across the music scene, with their fiery punk track ‘Rebel Girl’ becoming a feminist anthem. Kathleen then went on to form the more electro-based group Le Tigre and then later The Julie Ruin whilst suffering from Lyme disease, covered in the highly regarded documentary film 'The Punk Singer'. Then at the start of 2019 she announced her original band; Bikini Kill, were reuniting for a series of shows.

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Bill Callahan (Smog)

Bill Callahan (Smog) appearing at this event

Bill Callahan, more-often known as the weary-voiced Smog, who writes gorgeously monotonous love songs, like a mix between Leonard Cohen and Will Oldham. With a mix of gospel backing vocals by Deani Pugh-Flemmings of the Olivet Baptist Church, the incendiary guitar work of Pete Denton, and the honeyed violins of Elizabeth Warren.

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Black Coffee

Black Coffee appearing at this event

A South African DJ/producer whose quirky, melodic deep house style has swept Europe's club scene in recent years, expect quality house infused with jazz and disco vibes. Considering his meteoric rise to fame, it would be easy to stereotype Black Coffee as just another black diamond, a BEE beat magnet out to mine the insatiable upwardly mobile urban house party market. But as he proved on his South African Music Award-winning album Home Brewed, this DJ and producer defies convention. Sidestepping Afro-house clichés and stage-managed highs in favor of restrained sophistication, Black Coffee's penchant is for true Afropolitan house: home-brewed but fresh and future-focused. Expect almost sculptural balance and beauty.

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Black Country New Road

Black Country New Road appearing at this event

London 6-piece who take their influences from post-hardcore outfits like Shellac, the experimental rock of Oxbow, the brass meets prog-punk of Cardiacs and Georgia the violinist's experiences in Klezmer groups. All this topped off by vocalist Isaac Wood sounding like Steve Albini meets Jarvis Cocker.

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Black Lips

Black Lips appearing at this event

Formed in 2000 by a group of teenage friends, Black Lips quickly became one of the Atlanta underground’s most talked about bands. Famed for their frenzied live shows and genre-twisting style, they're one of the most exciting and electrifying bands around.

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Black Midi

Black Midi appearing at this event

Uncompromising but still melodic: strap yourself in for the experimental sound of maverick four-piece black midi. They met at the Brit School and built their reputation through fierce, driven gigs at Brixton’s Windmill, before supporting Shame and performing at SXSW – making a number of ‘best band’ lists – on their debut American tour. Their reference points include rapper Danny Brown, Death Grips, Deerhoof, Miles Davis and Talking Heads, and their sound has been described as ‘country twangs, ambient textures, funky basslines, industrial beats, and noisy riffs – sometimes in the same song’ (The Outline).

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Seemingly rising from nowhere, South Yorkshire-born producer and DJ Jamie Roberts aka, Blawan, first came to prominence with his debut release Fram on the forward-thinking dubstep label Hessle Audio. Bohla's mix of post-dubstep sounds and raw, techno-influenced beats saw the EP championed by DJs such as Surgeon and The Black Dog.

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Boy Harsher

Boy Harsher appearing at this event

Boy Harsher is a dark electronic duo that produces gritty dance beats infused with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable. Augustus Muller develops the underbelly of sound with minimal beats and grinding synths, where Jae Matthews whispers, screams and chants on top. Together, the music created is somewhere between industrial, drone and confessional storytelling. Muller and Matthews both have a strong background in film and their cinematic approach translates effectively in both their recordings and live performance.

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Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard appearing at this event

As the frontwoman and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, Howard has become one of music’s most celebrated figures. The band has won four Grammys (out of its nine nominations), and she has performed everywhere from the Obama White House to the main stage at Lollapalooza, where she sang with Paul McCartney at his invitation. But for her solo debut, Jaime, Howard boldly decided to explore new directions, with diverse instrumentation and arrangements and intimate, revelatory lyrics.

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Brockhampton appearing at this event

An American musical group formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015 and currently based in California. Led by Kevin Abstract, Brockhampton formed in an online forum, leading them to call themselves 'the Internet's first boy band'.

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C. Tangana

C. Tangana appearing at this event

Spanish artist C. Tangana’s brand of rap-meets-trap-and-pop with slivers of sexuality, lights him up as he powers through into 2019 with a signature style that’s as dark as it is gritty. Now, Tangana is pushing his Latin urban sound to a broader global audience, thanks in part to reggaeton artist Bad Gyal and his former partner Rosalia who has made waves with her modernised take on flamenco.

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Call Super

His aptitude for production and shaping hypnotic sets have led him to play across continents at all the leading spots, also landing him a monthly show on BCR, and impressive mixes for the likes of Boiler Room, XLR8R, Rinse and FACT.

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Shanti Celeste

Shanti Celeste appearing at this event

DJ Shanti Celeste brings influences from her native Bristol combining with more housey flavours from both Chicago and Detroit.

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Caribou appearing at this event

The artist formerly known as Manitoba, offering up a likeable blend of electronica and sunshine pop. Their live set sees them deliver a carnival-esque whirl of ridiculous melodies, effusive noise, stampeding beats alongside furiously harmonised vocals. Two drummers, visuals and whirling guitars and keyboards create a claustrophobic, mesmeric soundscape akin to My Bloody Valentine and the sprawling, bucolic tour de force, like early Mercury Rev.

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Caroline Polachek

Caroline Polachek appearing at this event

The music projects of songwriter, producer, and singer Caroline Polachek have ranged from the dramatic synth pop of Chairlift to her more brooding alter ego Ramona Lisa, experimental ambient music as CEP, and off-kilter electro-pop under her own name. She cracked the Billboard 200 as a member of Chairlift with their second album, 2012's Something. Her Ramona Lisa debut, Arcadia, arrived in 2014 and Drawing the Target Around the Arrow, her first album as CEP, saw release in 2017. In 2019, she issued her first Caroline Polachek song, Door, which adopted atmospheric electro-pop. In the meantime, her songwriting credits for other artists included tracks by Beyoncé, Solange, Travis Scott, and Charli XCX, among others.

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Chaos In The CBD

Chaos In The CBD are brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales. The duo deliver starry-eyed, jazz-inflected deep house. The boys continue to push complex, organic-sounding drums further forward in the mix while smearing out the tonal elements to create warm, hazy dance floor excursions

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Chromatics appearing at this event

Taking a cross section from 70s horror films, a fixation with ancient societies, and a love for percussive electronic music, Chromatics keep it minimal. The synthesizers handle the cosmic elements, the guitar takes care of the moodier edge, and the drums are stripped down to a dirty disco for dancing.

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Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex appearing at this event

From El Paso in Texas and fronted by Greg Gonzalez, the ambient pop sounds of Cigarettes After Sex invoke not only the powerful feelings of euphoria inherent in the band’s name itself, but somehow manage to recreate emotions found only in the most romantic of movies. Immersive, achingly nostalgic, thoroughly transporting, and intensely visual. It’s these powerful and unique qualities which have enabled the love songs of Cigarettes After Sex to reverberate across countless countries, and excite the most devoted kind of following. It's a bottled intensity and a perfect cohesion between musical landscape and lyrics which keeps listeners falling in and out of love, thoroughly enraptured, returning to the music again and again. The love songs of Cigarettes After Sex are an indelible soundtrack.

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DIIV appearing at this event

The project of singer/songwriter/guitarist Zachary Cole Smith, DIIV makes music that combines shoegaze bliss with grunge catharsis. The influence of Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine was evident on 2012's debut album Oshin, but the band's sound deepened and broadened on 2016's Is the Is Are, which paired Malian-inspired guitar melodies with Smith's confessional songwriting. 3rd album Deceiver follows in October 2019.

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Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr appearing at this event

One of a handful of bands injecting life into indie rock music in the late 1980s, Dinosaur Jr.'s trademark sound remains a mix of simple melodies, passionate vocals and overpowering guitar noise, all led by singer songwriter J Mascis.

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Disclosure appearing at this event

Disclosure are a garage-house duo consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence who grew up in south London with an extensive background in music. They took the electronic dance music scene by storm and are equally at home in live arenas or on record. Their 2013 debut album 'Settle' was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards, while the single 'White Noise' featuring Aluna George reached no.2 in the UK singles chart. The guys continue to push dance boundaries with 2015's follow-up album 'Caracal'.

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DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey appearing at this event

Resident with Space in Ibiza.

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DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow appearing at this event

DJ Shadow's presence in the world of hiphop - and music in general - is hardly disputed these days. His work as a soloist is as well-recognised as his extensive collaborative efforts which range from the close-to-home Cut Chemist to a surprisingly chilling duet with Radiohead's Thom Yorke. In addition, Shadow has been widely recognised for his work in the severely abstract and psychedelic group U.N.K.L.E, whose debut album 'Psyence Fiction' caused an international stir. The Jimi Hendrix of sampling and a true pioneer in modern hip-hop and dance music.

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Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt appearing at this event

Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, better known by his stage name Earl Sweatshirt, is an American rapper and member of the Los Angeles based hip hop collective Odd Future. He is signed to Columbia Records, as well as his own label, Tan Cressida.

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Einstürzende Neubauten

Einstürzende Neubauten appearing at this event

An German industrial band who originally formed in 1980. One of their trademarks is the use of custom-built instruments, predominantly made out of scrap metal and building tools, and noises, in addition to standard musical instruments. Their early albums were unremittingly harsh, with Bargeld's vocals shouted and screamed above a din of banging and scraping metal percussion. Subsequent recordings found the group's sound growing somewhat more conventional, yet still containing many unorthodox elements. The band has become one of the few German bands to produce genuine, international impulses and they have had an inspirational effect on numerous other bands and art genres, spanning from dance theater, to the fine arts, to film – from Christoph Schlingensief to Quentin Tarrantino.

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Fatima Yamaha

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Faye Webster

With roots in Texas swing and growing up in the creative mecca of Atlanta, home to some of the best lyricist in rap/hip-hop; Faye Webster was destined to become the creative director of her own life whether it be writing songs, performing or photography

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Floating Points

Floating Points appearing at this event

Sam Shepherd is an English electronic musician and neuroscientist, who records and performs music under the name Floating Points. Shepherd is also a co-founder of the label Eglo Records. After several EPs, singles and live appearances, Shepherd released Floating Points' debut studio album, Elaenia, in November 2015, to widespread critical acclaim.

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Fontaines D.C.

Fontaines D.C. appearing at this event

Fontaines D.C. met as a quintet in Dublin, influenced and driven in equal measure by the rich history of their hometown’s counter-culture, their response has been to make concise and immediately authentic indie-punk that has done anything but fall on deaf ears.

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Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs appearing at this event

Fredrick Tipton, better known by his stage name Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper from Gary, Indiana. Active since 2003, he is also a member of the hip hop group, Str8 Slammin' Click.

See 3 tour dates featuring Freddie Gibbs


Madlib appearing at this event

Madlib is a hiphop producer from L.A. He is an enthusiastic crate digger, with a deep reverence for jazz and soul. Madlib is also a member of the hiphop trio Lootpack.

See 3 tour dates featuring Madlib


Georgia appearing at this event

Born and raised in north-west London, Georgia is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. Her eponymous debut album was released in August 2015; written, performed, produced and recorded by Georgia in its entirety at her home-studio; it presented a very necessary new talent, one with real spirit and one that is unabashedly herself. Georgia’s music is fascinating and sharply paced, packed with injections of lightness and fun, pared with rich, bubbling melodies that makes listening to it an experience that takes you into the party, through electro-pop into R&B, and back again. Feminine without being saccharine, her deep, brooding reflections carry us through euphoria, heartache and melancholy but always with the memory of the good times.

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Girl In Red

Girl in Red is the project of Marie Ulven who hails from Horten, Norway. From beginning in her bedroom teaching herself to play the guitar and piano and to produce her own music, in less than a year the project has grown exponentially through her social media channels.

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Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond appearing at this event

Hannah Diamond is a musician and visual artist known for her releases with PC music, her hyper real self portraits and commercial photography work. She has been described as “a new kind of popstar” by FACT Magazine.

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Health appearing at this event

Health's brutal diversity is at the forefront of LA's burgeoning experimental scene. Health's notoriety centred around LA's The Smell venue where more often than not they played free all-ages shows to those eager to lose themselves in the band's volatile experimental noise.

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Helado Negro

One of producer and singer/songwriter Roberto Carlos Lange's numerous monikers, Helado Negro's evocative ambient pop songs honor his Ecuadorian heritage and the diverse sounds he heard while growing up in Florida. On early albums such as 2009's Awe Owe, Lange's blend of folk, jazz, electronic, and Latin elements felt like a natural evolution from his collaborations with Prefuse 73 and Savath & Savalas. As time went on, Helado Negro's tone poems grew increasingly focused and eloquent. Lange delved into childhood memories on 2014's Double Youth and earned a wider audience with 2016's Private Energy, thanks in part to the singles Young, Latin and Proud and It's My Brown Skin. On 2019's This Is How You Smile, he reflected on the complex relationship between immigrant parents and their children in poetic and timely ways.

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Honey Dijon

Chicago house DJ with Peaches Records. Expect sets bulging with everything from hip-hop to acid to straight house to jackin' and new wave.

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Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop appearing at this event

The ultimate survivor, one of the early punks and now a born-again hero of disaffected youth with his re-issued anthem 'Lust For Life' epitomising the 'Trainspotting' rebels.

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Jakuzi appearing at this event

An Istanbul-based Turkish-language synth-pop band formed around the core-duo of Kutay Soyocak on vocals and Taner Yücel on bass and synths.

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Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods appearing at this event

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Jamila Woods grew up in a family of music lovers. It took a surprise poetry class with a high school arts program for Jamila to finally find her metaphorical and literal voice. 'Through poetry, I realised you are the expert of your own experience,' she says. Her poetry studies continued in college and in her professional career with Young Chicago Authors. Music, like poetry, is personal. 'It became a way to stop hiding, to actually be the most honest with myself through writing,' she says. 'It helps me check in with myself.' And that honesty translated to HEAVN, an album she describes as a collection of, 'nontraditional love songs pushing the idea of what makes a love song'. You’ll find the bits and pieces of her past and present that make Jamila: family, the city of Chicago, self-care, and the black women she calls friends. Jamila is an artist of substance creating music crafted with a sturdy foundation of her passions and influences. True and pure in its construction and execution, her music is the best representation of Jamila herself: strong in her roots, confident in her ideas, and attuned to the people, places and things shaping her world.

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Jane Fitz

Peg DJ specialises in house and soul.

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Jawbox appearing at this event

During their eight-year existence, Jawbox developed into a top-tier post-hardcore band. While they became one of the most notable acts in Washington, D.C. shortly after their late-'80s formation, and were part of a lineage that included the likes of Minor Threat and Rites of Spring, they were favorably compared to Chicago's Big Black, Naked Raygun, and Effigies as well. Scrutinized for leaving D.C.'s beloved Dischord for a major label - they were the first to do so - Jawbox nonetheless released two excellent albums for Atlantic that surpassed their previous output. The band decided to split in 1997 and during the 2000s each member kept busy with their own project, before announcing a reunion in 2019.

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Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills appearing at this event

Widely considered as one of the best DJs and producers in techno, Mills was at the forefront of the pioneering Detroit scene during the 80s. After forming the legendary Underground Resistance label in 1990 with Mike Banks, Mills left to start Axis Records and Purpose Maker to push minimal techno.

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Jehnny Beth

Jehnny Beth appearing at this event

Jehnny Beth’s career started with Johnny Hostile in 2011 in London, where they founded Pop Noire. Widely considered as one of the most powerful women in independent rock music, Jenny Beth doesn't hold back. Front singer in the band Savages, she champions sexual exploration and self-empowerment while challenging the cliches surrounding what it means to be a woman in a band. In addition to having traveled the world with Savages and performed on stage with the XX, LCD Soundsystem or Primal Scream, she also worked with artists such as Gorillaz, Julien Casablancas, and Trentemøller. Since 2016, she has been hosting her own radio show ‘Start Making Sense’ on Beats 1 inviting every week an artist from the independent musical sphere.

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Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval appearing at this event

Jenny Hval is a Norwegian singer, composer, lyricist and writer.

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Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt appearing at this event

After a collection of demos and early studio recordings earned her a small, dedicated audience, Jesica Pratt moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles and recorded her first intentional album in her bedroom in a matter of months. That album, On Your Own Love Again (Drag City, 2015), would bring her around the world many times, leading many to fall under the spell of Jessica Pratt the performer, the songwriter, the singer with the heavy-lidded voice that feels alien and familiar at the same time.

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Joan Shelley

Joan Shelley appearing at this event

Joan Shelley, from Louisville Kentucky, produces aching familiar yet totally original folk-rock. She is also one third of old-time trio Maiden Radio, and collaborates with Daniel Martin Moore.

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Josey Rebelle

Rinse FM's Josey Rebelle gets the party grooving with the deadliest arsenal of house, techno, soul, disco, garage and jungle. Her selection, versatility and skills on the decks have gained her a solid reputation both in her native London and across the world.

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Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves appearing at this event

A Texas native, country singer / songwriter Kacey began singing publicly at 8 and wrote her first song at age 9. To date, that talent has produced cuts for multi-platinum artists such as Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert. Kacey's musical influences range from Loretta Lynn and John Prine to bands like Cake and The Beach Boys. Kacey was honoured to bridge wide musical gaps throughout 2014 as she toured with Lady Antebellum, Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss & Union Station, and Katy Perry on the Prismatic World Tour.

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Kano appearing at this event

From the same East London 'grime' scene that spawned Wiley, Durrty Goodz and Shystie among others, Kano has a similar star quality, character and pedigree. Once labelled as the "UK version of Jay-Z", Kano's breezy self-assuredness and laid-back vocals have given the UK hip hop scene a much needed shot in the arm.

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'Khaled is the undisputed King of Rai, Algeria's rocking take on the blues and funk and is 'one of the great singers in the world today' - The Observer. Famous for his high-energy live performances, his live work is a musical celebration of life and love expressed with burning passion and spirit. His sparkling voice, which is as charismatic as his vivacious character, has that indefinable, heartbreaking quality which no words can convey.

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Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon appearing at this event

Kim Althea Gordon is an American musician. Gordon, who started out as a visual artist, rose to prominence as the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist of alternative rock band Sonic Youth, which she formed with Thurston Moore in 1981. One of the most inspiring people in modern rock & roll, Kim is also a fashion icon, and renowned visual artist.

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Kim Petras

Kim Petras appearing at this event

Kim Petras is an independent artist championed by Spotify’s new emerging artist initiative, RISE, which scouts exceptional talent anticipated for global success. Boasting an astonishing 23 million streams, her breakout debut single 'I Don’t Want It All' went straight to #1 on the Spotify Global Viral 50 Chart. 'Already perfecting the modern bubblegum pop sound' as Billboard calls it, the German-born singer-songstress has since gone on to collaborate with international pop princess Charli XCX, who dubbed her 'the future of pop'.

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard appearing at this event

A seven piece, psychedelic rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. The band are known for their highly prolific output. In 2017 they pushed their ambitions to their fullest by relasing five albums in the same year! "For the last few years, King Gizzard And the Lizard Wizard have been expanding their sound past the lo-fi sound they made their name with. They dabbled in Beach-Pop, Raga Rock and even Bossa Nova Jazz. At the top of their game they blend fuzzy ‘60s licks with the occasional soft psychedelic groove" - Spill Magazine

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King Krule

King Krule appearing at this event

King Krule is a dreamer. And, fittingly, he makes the kind of music that sounds as though it could soundtrack your most languid dreams. With a Cockney twang that recalls Joe Strummer, Archy Marshall’s lyrics are pure poetry, his guitar playing complex and sophisticated.

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King Princess

King Princess appearing at this event

American singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist King Princess delivers her soulful vocals over warm, atmospheric synth production inspired by influences like Perfume Genius, Nick Cave, Beyoncé, and Dolly Parton. Born Mikaela Strauss, the Brooklyn-based artist was a young music prodigy, reportedly offered a record deal when she was just 11. She studied at USC before leaving school to pursue a music career. Early songs like Send Pix and Sunburn featured a more bluesy rock tone, one that she would polish on her 2018 breakthrough, 1950. The queer love anthem received cosigns from the likes of Harry Styles and Halsey and was her first release for Mark Ronson's Zelig Recordings label.

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Koffee appearing at this event

Born Mikayla Simpson on February 16, 2000, Koffee’s mission is to preserve Jamaica’s roots and culture in music and to empower the youth of her generation through her musical journey across the world. “I want to make a better world for the generation that's coming up, to promote love and peace, and even though I’m young, I feel that the Creator has blessed me with talent and wisdom to get the job done”. Koffee.

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Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile appearing at this event

American musician, best known for his solo material and as a former member of indie rock band The War on Drugs. Both in the studio and during live performances, Vile is accompanied by his backing band, The Violators, which currently includes multi-instrumentalists Jesse Trbovich and Rob Laakso, alongside Priestess drummer Vince Nudo.

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L Devine

L Devine appearing at this event

Everything is falling into place for L Devine to become the UK’s next pop icon. Tipped as a rising star by Charli XCX, L Devine’s cocktail of next wave pop, an independent yet relatable attitude and a striking visual aesthetic stands out as a powerful proposition. Those traits have been distilled to perfection with two EPs, Peer Pressure and Growing Pains. While Peer Pressure took an effortlessly cool road to alt-pop greatness, L Devine’s new single Naked Alone is an immediately attention-grabbing experience. The track sees L Devine’s full-throttled vocal explode into life fuelled by heavy duty, funk-powered bass, furthering her patented brand of future pop invention.

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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey appearing at this event

Lana Del Rey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, poet, model and music video director. Her music has a cinematic quality often filled with themes of tragic romance, glamour, and melancholia; and with references to pop culture, particularly 1950s and 1960s Americana.

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Leon Vynehall

A lo-fi / soul / house DJ.

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Les Amazones d'Afrique

Les Amazones d'Afrique appearing at this event

West Africa's first all-female super group who formed in the fight against violence towards women, featuring some of the greatest Malian musicians of the moment: Mamani Keïta, Rokia Koné, Mariam Doumbia (one half of Amadou & Mariam), Awa Sangho and Mariam Koné. Inspired by the formidable warriors of Dahomey, Les Amazones d'Afrique elegantly combine the Mandingo tradition with the power of today's African megacities.

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Les Savy Fav

Les Savy Fav appearing at this event

Unmissable cult art-rockers straight out of the Rhode Island School of Design. Intellectual lyricism versus abrasive, melodic guitar work in a live show that sees frontman Tim Harrington's wild performance bringing the band to life. Their fourth album, 'Let's Stay Friends' was released in 2007.

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Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt are an American noise rock duo from Rhode Island made up of Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson. Lightning Bolt are known for their guerrilla-style live performances, where they typically play on the ground rather than a stage, with the crowd gathered around them. The band's sound is typically loud and aggressive, though the group cites composers Philip Glass and Sun Ra as compositional influences.

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Little Simz

Little Simz appearing at this event

Simbi Ajikawo, crowned Little Simz, lets her work do the talking - and her prolific releases and boundary-breaking achievements clearly tell a story of a pioneering Hip Hop artist who leads the way on her own terms. Giving lauded, energetic performances, critically acclaimed albums, sold-out headline shows around the world, and international tours with the likes of Gorillaz, Anderson .Paak and Ab-Soul, this visionary young woman from North London is living out her childhood dreams to heights of excellence - and inspiring her generation to do the same. As her acclaim and achievements continue to build - with MOBO nominations for Best Hip Hop Act and Best Female Act, Little Simz was the first independent UK artist to make the Forbes List of 30 Under 30 in Europe, and to rap in the televised US BET Hip Hop Awards' Cypher - many respected peers and legends have voiced their admiration of her talents; with Compton's Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar declaring her to be "one of the illest doing this right now," the iconic Ms. Lauryn Hill handpicking Simz to be a special guest on her Diaspora Calling! US tour, and dynamic virtual band Gorillaz featuring her on their crowd-pleasing single "Garage Palace" before taking her around the world to perform on their Humanz Tour.

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Lorenzo Senni

Lorenzo Senni appearing at this event

'Tireless investigator of dance music’s mechanisms and working parts, and head of respected experimental label Presto!?, the Italian musician also produced Quantum Jelly on label Editions Mego. An amazing deconstruction of sound and rave culture in the 90’s (chiefly trance and hard techno), carefully analyzing it’s constituent parts for reuse in a very different context, with repetition and isolation as key concepts.'

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Lory D

See Lory D tour dates


Mabel appearing at this event

Born in Malaga, raised in Spain and spending 10 years in Stockholm, soulful singer Mabel has finally placed her roots in London. Daughter of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey, she was raised in a home with a bass heavy recording studio. She started playing piano at the age of five, inspired by R&B and choreographing routines to Destiny’s Child and Lauryn Hill with her sister. As a teen she avoided the musical path of her parents but then enrolled to study production and music theory at college in Stockholm but later changed her mind, and in 2015 she released her debut single Know Me Better which became a BBC Radio 1 Track Of The Day. After bubbling around the lower regions of the charts, in 2019 she had her first UK top 5 single with 'Don't Call Me Up'.

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Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers appearing at this event

A songwriter, banjo player and producer from Brooklyn. She received an unexpected break when Pharrell Williams dropped into her study class to give some tips. Maggie played him her latest song, Alaska, a precise fusion of folk and dance music. As the chorus kicked in, Pharrell’s eyes grew wider and wider. By the end, he was her biggest fan.

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A popular Catalonian pop band.

See Manel tour dates

Mano Le Tough

Mano Le Tough appearing at this event

Irish born and Berlin raised, Mano Le Tough has risen to international stardom in recent years thanks to a plethora of superb productions and remixes on only the most prestigious of labels, including his own Maeve Records. He is the future of house music.

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Maria del Mar Bonet

See Maria del Mar Bonet tour dates


Aka Martha Pazienti-Caidan, a producer and presenter on Reprezent Radio's weekly Forecast show, introducing the best in forward-thinking bass music.

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Massive Attack

Massive Attack appearing at this event

Along with Portishead and Tricky, Massive Attack remain one of the most respected acts from the famed "Triphop" scene. Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall have used an array of guest vocalists and musical collaborations throughout their career, with each album growing to a higher level. Their success story is somewhat surprisingly for an act who are genuinely quite publicity shy and have almost fought against the mainstream. Their seminal million-plus selling debut album Blue Lines spawned the hypnotic and timeless anthem 'Unfinished Sympathy' featuring the powerful vocals of Shara Nelson, while further success came from second album Protection featuring the unmistakable voice of Everything But The Girl's Tracey Thorn. Their third release Mezzanine sold over 4 million copies, making it their biggest selling release to date, perhaps in part to the haunting single 'Teardrop' which featured the breathy voice of Liz Fraser from the Cocteau Twins. Further albums 100th Window and Heligoland have continued to break musical barriers and push their sound ever forward.

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Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples appearing at this event

Mavis Staples possesses one of the most recognisable and treasured voices in contemporary music. From her early days sharing the lead vocals with her groundbreaking family gospel group, to her storied solo recordings, she is an inspirational force in modern popular culture and music.

See 3 tour dates featuring Mavis Staples


Metronomy appearing at this event

The brain-child of disillusioned drummer Joseph Mount, Metronomy are an alternative electronica group producing funk-infused beats, android-esque vocals and highly addictive bass-lines.

See 5 tour dates featuring Metronomy

Mica Levi (Micachu And The Shapes)

Previously known as a DJ and singer-songwriter in her band Micachu and the Shapes, with whom the London Sinfonietta have collaborated, Levi was catapulted to international fame and earned herself a BAFTA nomination for the film score for Under The Skin (2014).

See Mica Levi (Micachu And The Shapes) tour dates

Mike Dred

See Mike Dred tour dates

Napalm Death

Napalm Death appearing at this event

The Gods of UK hardcore deathmetal continuing the legend that is riff after riff of pure metal noise. Or to put it another way the terrorists of noise show the nu-metal bands how to really scare people.

See 3 tour dates featuring Napalm Death

Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz appearing at this event

Nina Kraviz is one of the most significant artists in the global electronic scene. The Siberian born singer, producer, songwriter and DJ is well known as a passionate record digger and for her outstanding taste in idiosyncratic electronic music, which lead her to creating her own label. The Siberian taste maker is well known for her musically uncompromising energetic DJ performances, where she plays music most others wouldn’t dare and for her sincere connection to the audience. This unique feeling together with a badass attitude and charismatic stage persona have earned Nina Kraviz headliner status at the world’s leading festivals including Coachella, Amsterdam Dance Event, Awakenings, Dekmantel, Sonar, DEMF, and many more. Kraviz is equally comfortable rocking big festival crowds as she is to work her magic in a small intimate club.

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Noga Erez

Noga Erez appearing at this event

Noga Erez is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter, keyboardist and percussionist who has already established herself as an appreciated young musician. Her music has been noted for its wide array of genres and she is frequently compared with Bjork, St. Vincent and FKA Twigs. Together with her partner, Ori Rousso, they created an international interest before releasing one official single.

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Nuria Graham

Núria Graham is a Catalan singer and songwriter who sings primarily in English. She is of Irish and Catalan descent. Her first disc, Bird Eyes, layers her voice and electric guitar over electronic or acoustic backgrounds with sensual lyrics.

See 7 tour dates featuring Nuria Graham


OM appearing at this event

The band's live performances are of a devotional nature. Their 2007 concert in the city of Jerusalem spanned over five and a half hours. Cisneros' unmistakable chants address processes of mind, psychic reality, astral and causal planes of being, and the nature of the soul.

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Oscar Mulero

Oscar Mulero’s DJ career has been as prolific and long lasting as the development of dance music. As a key figure in this evolution, Oscar has always absorbed new trends and kept his finger on the pulse of electronic dance music, from the end of the 80’s right up to the present day. It is impossible to understand the phenomenon of this DJ in Spain without taking into account his tireless work behind the decks for more than a decade.

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Otoboke Beaver

Otoboke Beaver appearing at this event

Otoboke Beaver are an all-female quartet from Kyoto, Japan, consisting of Accorinrin (lead vocals and guitar), Yoyoyoshie (guitar and vocals), Hiro-chan (bass and vocals) and Pop (drums and vocals). The band’s name is taken from a local ‘Love Hotel’. Taking a nod to the likes of Melt Banana, Shonen Knife, Bo Ningen, Guitar Wolf and The Boredoms, they play brilliant noisy, ballsy punk rock and sing in Japanese (or Kyoto slang). Crazed, deranged garage, punk-rock-pop at break-neck speed, the band are influenced by western Riot Grrrl attitudes and the sounds of punk and angular post-rock. Live, they play frantic fast-paced 18-20 song sets and often invade the audience, stating "you will not able to take your eyes off us".

See 3 tour dates featuring Otoboke Beaver

Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar appearing at this event

Brazil's newest pop sensation and most famous drag queen Pabllo Vittar was always fascinated by the feminine universe, but it was only when she realised that a drag queen could also act and sing that she decided she would do just that. First appearing as Pabllo Vittar on TV in 2014, it was 2015 that she started to get attention on social media, after releasing 'Open Bar' a Brazilian version of Major Lazer’s 'Lean On'. In less than a month the video had amassed over a million views on YouTube. Already a superstar within the LGBTQ community, Pabllo began gaining mainstream attention in early 2017, when she released her first album 'Vai Passar Mal' which included Brazilian hits 'K.O.' and 'Corpo Sensual'. The success continued, she sang with Fergie at Rock in Rio and released 'Sua Cara', another track with Major Lazer, and Anitta. She broke records and became the first Brazilian artist to have three songs in Spotify's Top 5 and in 2018, her second album 'Não Para Não' was the most streamed album in the first 24 hours, with more than 3 million plays.

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Paul Heaton

Paul Heaton appearing at this event

English singer-songwriter Paul Heaton, most famous for his roles within The Housemartins and The Beautiful South and for writing hits such as Rotterdam, Don't Marry Her and Perfect 10.

See 21 tour dates featuring Paul Heaton

Jacqui Abbott

Jacqui Abbott appearing at this event

Jacqui Abbott was the female lead singer with the band The Beautiful South after 1994, following the departure of Briana Corrigan. The band were arguably more successful with Abbott on board, releasing several Top 10 singles. Amongst their most successful hits during her stint were: 'Rotterdam', 'Perfect 10', 'Don't Marry Her' and 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' (cover). Abbott was discovered by Paul Heaton, the Beautiful South's other lead singer, after she and a friend met him outside a night club. Heaton invited them to a party, where Abbot's friend encouraged her to sing. Heaton was impressed with her singing, and later invited her to audition to replace Corrigan. She left the band in 2000, because of the pressure of touring, to concentrate on looking after her son, who had just been diagnosed with autism. Jacqui Abbott reunited with Paul Heaton in June 2011 to perform in his musical The 8th and has continued to gig with him.

See 21 tour dates featuring Jacqui Abbott


Pavement appearing at this event

One the most important American band of the 1990s is returning to the stage, with the lineup of Mark Ibold, Scott 'Spiral Stairs' Kannberg, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West reuniting for dates around the world in 2010.

See 2 tour dates featuring Pavement

Penelope Isles

Penelope Isles appearing at this event

Brighton-based pop-rock four-piece. Lucid dreaming, fuzz filled music with a DIY lo-fi approach, their music will charm you as it ranges from Cacophonous to tranquil and back again.

See 5 tour dates featuring Penelope Isles


Pile appearing at this event

Pile is a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Started as a solo project by Rick Maguire back in 2007, Pile released ‘Demonstration,’ a 10 song demo and ‘Jerk Routine’ in 2008 before expanding their line-up. Wanting to be able to tour on the material with a band, Maguire attempted to find some other players. After some shuffling, the band found a cohesive line-up with Kris Kuss (drums), Matt Becker (guitar), Matt Connery (bass) and Maguire (guitar, vocals). Since coming together as a full band in 2009, Pile have toured as much as their lives collectively allow, playing nearly 1000 shows spread out over the US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

See 4 tour dates featuring Pile


PNL appearing at this event

PNL is an independent French rap group formed in 2014 by two brothers, Tarik and Nabil Andrieu.

See 2 tour dates featuring PNL


Rapsody appearing at this event

Rapsody is a North Carolina emcee signed with super producer 9th Wonder for Jamla Records. With the release of seven projects in just three years and a critically acclaimed debut album in August of 2012, she is slowly establishing herself as a major player in today’s rap game. In just a short time she has worked with some of the biggest legends and newcomers in the business, ranging from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Big Daddy Kane, Marsha Ambrosius, Mac Miller and Big K.R.I.T, to name a few.

See Rapsody tour dates

Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson appearing at this event

Based out of the industrial Tyneside region of Northern England, esoteric singer/songwriter Richard Dawson's shambolic, guitar-driven folk music has drawn comparisons to other singular artists like Jandek, Mike Waterson, John Martyn, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Adem, Skip Spence, and King Creosote. Specialising in a heady blend of traditional English folk music, Sacred Harp-kissed North Country blues, and jazzy psych-folk, Dawson issued his first recording, Richard Dawson Sings Songs and Plays Guitar, in 2007 before bursting out of the Newcastle experimental scene in 2012 with the critically acclaimed The Magic Bridge.

See 11 tour dates featuring Richard Dawson

Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama appearing at this event

Japanese RnB and Pop singer-songwriter, producer and model based in London. Inspired by racing game simulator soundtracks, 90's retro-cyberpunk, Anglo-Japanese culture clash and the unique sensation of 'offline anxiety', Rina's musical blend has gained her cult status.

See 5 tour dates featuring Rina Sawayama

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever appearing at this event

A tough pop / soft punk band from Melbourne, Australia, signed to the Sub Pop label. "If you were raised on ’80s college rock, you could revel in nostalgic nods to the Feelies, the Clean, the Go-Betweens, and countless other Velvets revisionists. Younger fans could hear the sort of band the Strokes might have turned into had they aged more gracefully, or imagine what Real Estate might sound like after downing a case of Red Bull" - Pitchfork

See 4 tour dates featuring Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever


A band whose eerie, atmospheric style is reminiscent of Portishead, The Pixies and The Cranes.

See Roosevelt tour dates

Sampa The Great

Sampa The Great appearing at this event

The rise of Sampa the Great has been spectacular to watch. A young woman from Zambia and based in Sydney, she has set about making music that artfully combines her natural style and energy with thought-provoking, socially-conscious themes. She views music as the language of the soul, transcending borders and acting as an agent for positive change. Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, Sampa Tembo found a love for hip-hop at an early age, carrying it with her as she travelled and studied. Her upbringing and life experience inform her lyrics, which cover political and societal imbalances in a meaningful way, tackling heavy themes with a light touch. It’s a quality that runs through her recent debut release The Great Mixtape, produced by fellow Sydney-sider Godriguez. Sampa delicately entwines her poetry through each beat, playfully switching styles to ensure it engages you on every level. Like her many influences - both musical and political - Sampa hopes to inform and inspire, delivering her message in a way that is bold yet inclusive. “I’m great,” she proclaims, not as a boast but instead a rallying call. “You’re great. We’re great.”

See 5 tour dates featuring Sampa The Great


Shame appearing at this event

Funk / Punk / Indie / Soul five-piece from South London. Bursting at the seams with punk energy, with the patter of the Streets, the spittle of Mark E. Smith, and the underground spirit of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, combined with the frenzy, rage and exasperation of their youth. Their reputation as one of the best new live bands in London is cemented following tours with The Garden and Fat White Family and shows with The Fall, King Gizzard, Slaves and more.

See 7 tour dates featuring Shame


Shellac appearing at this event

Shellac Of North America are an alternative rock band, fronted by legendary indie-rock producer Steve Albini, with Bob Weston and Todd Trainer.

See Shellac tour dates


South East London singer and DJ Blane Muise performs as Shygirl, but her music and style is nothing like her name; it's anything but timid.

See 5 tour dates featuring ShyGirl

Special Request

Special Request is the new rugged alias for house and techno stalwart Paul Woolford.

See 4 tour dates featuring Special Request


Squarepusher appearing at this event

Tom Jenkinson, commonly known as Squarepusher, is an English electronic musician whose compositions draw on a number of influences, including drum and bass, IDM, jazz, and electroacoustic music. His recordings are typified by a combination of electronic sound sources, live instrumental playing, and digital signal processing.

See 9 tour dates featuring Squarepusher


Squid appearing at this event

The Brighton-based post-punk, disco-funk phenomenon Squid is the brainchild of Ollie Judge, Louis Borlase, Arthur Leadbetter, Laurie Nankivell and Anton Pearson.

See 21 tour dates featuring Squid

Stellar Om Source

See Stellar Om Source tour dates

Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives sings, writes and produces music inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, R&B, West African rhythms, and experimental electronic music. The LA-based, Ohio-born musician is self-taught on the violin and builds recordings around rhythms pulled from the strings of her violin blended with her raw vocals.

See 5 tour dates featuring Sudan Archives

The Jesus & Mary Chain

The Jesus & Mary Chain appearing at this event

Scottish alternative rock band The Jesus & Mary Chain, most famous for albums such as Psychocandy and Honey's Dead, who changed the face of alternative punk during the eighties and early nineties. Though the supporting players drift in and out of focus, the heart of the Mary Chain remain vocalists and guitarists William and Jim Reid, Scottish-born brothers heavily influenced not only by underground legends like the Velvets and the Stooges but also by the sonic grandeur and pop savvy of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson.

See 6 tour dates featuring The Jesus & Mary Chain

The National

The National appearing at this event

American indie rock quintet emerged from Brooklyn in the early 2000s. Amidst the garage rock revival at the time, they distinguished themselved with their much wider range of influences, merging elements of alternative country-rock, Americana, and chamber pop as well as post-punk into their moody, crafted indie rock. More two decades on they are selling out arenas and headlining festivals across the world.

See 7 tour dates featuring The National

The Strokes

The Strokes appearing at this event

Few bands since the turn of the 21st century have been so influential and illustrious as The Strokes, a group whose 2001 debut album Is This It still remains one of music’s most celebrated long players – featuring at the top of countless publications’ lists of best albums of all time. The group’s subsequent four LPs (Room On Fire, First Impressions Of Earth, Angles, Comedown Machine) and headline shows across the globe has seen their profile continue to rise – also buoyed by their respective individual projects and collaborations – with lead singer Julian Casablancas even linking up with French electronic pioneers Daft Punk on their UK #1 album, Random Access Memories.

See 4 tour dates featuring The Strokes

Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess appearing at this event

Frontman with Manchester indie gods The Charlatans, Tim also performs solo gigs playing a mix of old favourites and new tunes. A busy man, he is also an in-demand DJ playing a heady mix of northern soul, funk and indie when behind the decks. Tim has also turned writer, publishing his well-received biographies 'Telling Stories' and 'Tim Book Two'.

See 16 tour dates featuring Tim Burgess


TOPS appearing at this event

TOPS are a four-piece band from Montreal, equal parts girls and guys, delivering a raw punk take on AM studio pop. Their record, Picture You Staring, is a lush array of timelessly crafted songs. Self-written, recorded, produced, and the result of 12 months holed up in Arbutus Records’ Montreal warehouse, this album contains 12 impeccable examples of pop craftsmanship that will reward repeat listeners.

See 8 tour dates featuring TOPS

Tropical F*ck Storm

Tropical F*ck Storm appearing at this event

Tropical F*ck Storm is an Australian band from Melbourne, Victoria, formed by Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin after taking a hiatus from the art-punk psych band The Drones. Lauren Hammel, from the band High Tension, plays drums, and Erica Dunn, from the bands MOD CON, Harmony and Palm Springs, plays guitars, keyboards, and other instruments.

See 3 tour dates featuring Tropical F*ck Storm

Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator appearing at this event

Tyler Okonma better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, is an American rapper, record producer, music video director, actor, graphic artist and fashion designer from Los Angeles. He is the leader of the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA, and has rapped on and produced songs for nearly every OFWGKTA release. He also creates all the artwork for the group's releases and said in an interview with DJ Semtex that he designs all the group's clothing and other merchandise as well.

See 3 tour dates featuring Tyler The Creator


Uniforms are a four-piece punk rock band from the east coast of Scotland. Theirs is a punk rock of bleakness, bitterness and hopelessness, delivered with vigour and spite. The casual listener might very well call Uniforms’ music melodic, aggressive and intelligent, but it is during their live show that the band truly come to life. Uniforms live is an intense experience for all involved - volatile, vehement and often slightly ramshackle, this is not a polished or a slick punk rock show, but one which will not easily be ignored or forgotten.

See Uniforms tour dates


See Violet tour dates

Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood appearing at this event

Multi-instrumentalist Natalie Mering cut her teeth in the world of noise and experimental rock, playing bass in Portland-based freak rock collective Jackie-O Motherfucker for a time before venturing out solo around 2006. Originally billing herself as Weyes Bluhd, Mering's earliest releases arrived in the form of limited-edition cassettes, a great testing ground for her darkly folky songs that twisted around noisy, electronic undercurrents.

See 4 tour dates featuring Weyes Blood

Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo appearing at this event

New York-based art-rock trio with their truly original sound on the Matador Records label. 'They are a pop band, but don't just write pop songs; they write what can only be described as yo la tengo songs. They are like a three-cornered atom harnessing its energy to the point where blinding explosions are no longer necessary to emanate power.' As an interesting further point Yo La Tengo are one of only four acts to provide a version of the theme music for The Simpsons!

See Yo La Tengo tour dates

Young Dolph

Young Dolph appearing at this event

Emerging from the rough streets of Memphis, Adolph Thornton Jr., better known by his stage name, Young Dolph, came on the scene with grim club bangers and cold punch lines, turning himself into a local hero via a series of mixtapes before breaking nationwide around 2014. Young Dolph’s thick Tennessee drawl distinguishes him from most rappers and has gained him collaborations with rap superstars such as 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, to name a few. Dolph debuted in 2008 with his Paper Route Campaign mixtape, then releases like The Weed Album and South Memphis Kingpin brought him to 2012 when he dropped the first in a successful series of mixtapes dubbed High Class Street Music. His from-the-bottom grind and mixtap'ing his way out of the mud lead Dolph to become one of the only independent musicians to have multiple Top 20 records from 2014-2016. He released his debut studio album, King Of Memphis, in 2016, and has gone on to release a further four albums, two of which hit the top 20 of the US Billboard charts.

See Young Dolph tour dates

Young Marco

Young Marco - real name Marco Sterk - is a producer and DJ from Amsterdam.

See 4 tour dates featuring Young Marco

Young Thug

Unlikely Rap hero who has collaborated with Jamie xx. Expect a barrage of hits that prove impossible not to shout along to.

See 2 tour dates featuring Young Thug

Yung Beef

Granada native Yung Beef fast bacome Spain’s pre-eminent rapper, picking up his musical tastes while working odd jobs in Marseille, London, and later Barcelona, where he is based.

See Yung Beef tour dates

Also Appearing

100 Gecs, 33EMYBW, Aeaea, Afrodeutsche, Akasha Kid, Amaia, Anika Kunst, Arthur Verocai, Bad Gyal, Bigklit, Biscuit, Blond:ish, Buttechno, Carista, Carolina Durante, Chaqueta De Chándal, Crudo Pimento, Cuban Doll, D. Tiffany, Dave P., Desire, Die Katapult, DJ Coco, DJ Fra, DJ Kelvin, DJ Lizz, DJ Naranjito, DJ Playero, DJ Whoisdualipa, Duki, Ela Minus, Ferran Palau, Gabber Modus Operandi, Gabriela Richardson, Héctor Oaks, Hickeys, Iosonouncane, Isabella , Ivy Barkakati, John T. Gast , Joyhauser, Julietta Ferrari (DJ set), Kamma & Masalo, Kampire & Decay, Killavesi, La Favi , Las Ligas Menores, Lawrence Le Dou, Le Hammond Inferno, Le Nais, Lila Tequila, Lingua Ignota, Lorena Alvarez, Los Hijos De Yayo, Luna Ki , Mariah The Scientist , Mecánica Popular, Nejo, Norsicaa, Oklou, Paloma Mami, Pantocrator , Park Hye-Jin, Pelada, Rombo, Sangre Nueva, Sherelle, Side Chick, Sonido La Changa, Soto Asa , Teki Latex, Teto Preto, The Caretaker, Trapani, Vagina Dentata Organ, VTSS, William Djoko, Pablo Chill-E, Za, Zozo

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