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Psych Festival.


The Heads

The Heads appearing at this event

A heavy Bristolian unique brand of psychedelic sonic assault and brain melting visuals scream into the night air.

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Crazyhead are an English garage punk band from Leicester, England. Their songs range in theme from trenchant social commentary to the surreal, but always with an underlying vein of black humour. Though lumped in with the largely media-created grebo scene, they were more influenced by the garage rock of the late 1960s, as well as bands like The Ramones, The Stooges and Captain Beefheart.

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Here And Now

Here And Now appearing at this event

Seminal psychedelic space rockers and perennial darlings of the free festival circuit, Here & Now are one of the many off-shoots from Daevid Allen's Planet Gong.

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The Cult Of Dom Keller

The Cult Of Dom Keller appearing at this event

Nottingham dark psych blues four-piece.

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Electric Moon

Electric Moon appearing at this event

Electric Moon were founded in Germany in late 2009 by bassist Komet Lulu and guitarist Sula Bassana. Electric Moon belong to the upper shelf of the European Psych- and Krautrock scene. Take a huge dose of Psychedelia, blend it with some acid colours and get as high as you can – this is the state of mind Electric Moon create with their sound. They want to celebrate the love of the music together with the audience and the highest point of communication gets reached when there is happening a symbiosis between audience and band.

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Red Sun

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Bonnacons Of Doom

Liverpool drone-troupe and de-facto PZYK house band.

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The Fierce And The Dead

The Fierce And The Dead appearing at this event

This trio (bassist/producer Kev Feazey and guitarists Matt Stevens and Steve Cleaton and drummer Stuart Marshall) produce lovingly crafted noise. Crunching, post-rock with big fuzzy grunge bass riffs, rupturing into audacious, offbeat time signatures laid underneath vast, catchy guitar riffing.

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Acid Cannibals

'Two piece punk rock n roll from Glasgow, fuelled on Buckfast and vegetables.'

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AOS3 appearing at this event

A psychedelic dub punk band from Sunderland who formed in 1990. Part of the anarcho punk movement, AOS3’s lyrics reflect the bands political stance. The songs ‘Battle of Trafalgar’ and ‘Dubbin’ Up a Riot’ describe the 1990 Poll Tax Riot in Trafalgar Square, and the bands’ cover of the The AK 47’s ‘Tottenham 3’ protests the innocence of the three men wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of PC Blakelock at the Broadwater Farm Riot in 1985. AOS3 split in 1995, and singer John relocated to London going on to form P.A.I.N with Phil from Radical Dance Faction. AOS3 reformed in 2007, and have since toured with Citizen Fish, and are working on a third studio album.

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Three-piece band from Bath formed around the songwriting nucleus of Luke Ulysses. Described as 'The Who meets the Super Furry Animals...'.

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Deviant Amps

Indie pyschedelic rock band.

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Cary Grace


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Headless Kross

Headless Kross appearing at this event

Psychedelic doom metal.

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Graham Clark

Graham Clark appearing at this event

Improvising jazz violinist of the highest calibre.

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The Archetypes

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Shankara Andy Bole

Shankara Andy Bole appearing at this event

Shankara Andy Bole is a musician with a first class pedigree in acoustic and electronic music. He is a member of Bonfire Radicals, one of 7 guitarists in Daevid Allen's Glissando Guitar Orchestra and is the guitarist with Fret and Fiddle, he has over the past several years played in some of the finest Acoustic bands, most notably the legendary Bushbury Mountain Daredevils and The Late Night Band who for many years were regarded as two of the finest acts in the U.K. During his time with The Late Night Band, Andy performed at festivals all over Europe and America and they produced many critically acclaimed albums. Andy has also performed at concerts in Europe and America with members of Fairport Convention, Gong, Damo Suzuki, Blowzabella, The Eleanor Rigby Experience, Daevid Allen, The Electric Light Orchestra, Dave Stewart and Mike Oldfield and has studied the Hansa Veena with renowned Indian classical musician Barun Kumar Pal. As a well-respected solo artist Andy has produced seven solo albums, which have met with much critical acclaim. In fact his album Ramshackle Pier was voted instrumental album of the year by top acoustic magazine Froots. His masterly playing of the Bouzouki and Weissenborn acoustic slide guitar is in regular demand for use on many television and film soundtrack work.

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The Roz Bruce Infusion

An exciting three piece alt / psych / rock band from the Midlands, full of fun concepts and daring darkness. The Roz Bruce Infusion play gigs all around the UK, including support slots with bands Blockheads, Arthur Brown, Evil Blizzard, Gong, Knifeworld, Space Ritual, Pretty Things

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The Glissando Guitar Orchestra

The Glissando Guitar Orchestra appearing at this event

The idea of a Glissando guitar ensemble was first conceived by Gong members Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage as far back as 1974, but until 2006 there had been no performance or band with more than 2 gliss guitarists. The Gong Unconvention in Amsterdam provided the perfect opportunity to make real a long-held dream. It may have taken more than 30 years to happen but the result was out of this world.

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Jackie Juno

Jackie Juno appearing at this event

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Modulator ESP

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Also Appearing

Da Captain Trips, Wild Rocket , Paradise 9, Tom Ashurst, Nukli, The Oroonies , F**k About Club, Automotone, Sonic Trip Project, Spacedogs, Shom, Skeleton Gong, Jah Buddha , Splink , Global, Chumley Warner Bros, P.F.R.P., The Brewers Daughter, Aurora Devora, Spirits Of The Earth, Delphini Tanglemist , Spiral Navigators, Hex Projekta , Kev And Gregg, Ukko Kozmik , Ken Paul, Giblin, Garry Lee, Steve Bubble, The Ministry Of Loud Dubanought

Buttermead Farm

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