Houghton Festival 2018

at Houghton Hall & Gardens, King's Lynn

This event has been and gone.

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An arts and music festival curated by Craig Richards and produced by Gottwood.

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A Love from Outer Space

Brainchild of Andrew Weatherall along with his longtime collaborator and friend Sean Johnston, A Love from Outer Space was something very special indeed. Originally run as a bi-monthly club night at a tiny, very sweaty room in North London, the night was designed to buck the trend and set out a different musical philosophy than could be found in most clubs across the country.

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Acid Ted

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Adam Shelton

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Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall appearing at this event

Andrew Weatherall was a dance music legend, co-founder of Junior Boys Own with Terry Farley and a superb DJ who produced and remixed albums for artists such as Primal Scream, Beth Orton and One Dove, whilst also making experimental dance music under aliases including Meek and Planet 4 Folk. He was also one half of Two Lone Swordsmen. He passed away in February 2020 at the age of 56.

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A veteran of the dubstep scene. One of the founding purveyors of the Bristol-Berlin dubstep-techno axis.

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Minimal electronica.

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One of the co-owners of Hessle Audio and DJ.

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Approaching his music with an artistic ear, Calibre is one of Belfast's most creative drum'n'bass DJs. His musical output is almost impossible to categorise and isn't done justice by the term drum'n'bass alone. Wide ranging in both his style and influences, he buzzes with a nervous energy that he releases on the decks and in the studio. One of the best in the business.

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Call Super

His aptitude for production and shaping hypnotic sets have led him to play across continents at all the leading spots, also landing him a monthly show on BCR, and impressive mixes for the likes of Boiler Room, XLR8R, Rinse and FACT.

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dBridge appearing at this event

DJ who started with renowned Drum n Bass outfit Bad Company UK.

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DMX Krew

Over the years, Ed has released five DMX Krew albums on the Rephlex label, spanning electro, pop and more experimental sounds, never following current trends and always forging his own musical direction. His most recent on the label was the 'Collapse of the Wave Function' mini-LP released in July, an album based around the 'Copenhagen Interpretation' of quantum physics.

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eLDOKO appearing at this event

eLDOKO fuses the gaps between all things Jazz, Swing, Tech and House.

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Felix Dickinson

From Cynic Records playing explosive disco, house and acid.

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Gatto Fritto

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Horse Meat Disco

Horse Meat Disco appearing at this event

Inspired by the halcyon days of New York nightlife, acclaimed London DJ collective that bring together classics, italo disco, oddities, punk funk,80s boogie, electro, fresh edits and all-new dance- floor discoveries. Dedicated to human happiness, Horse Meat Disco is for everyone.

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The Idjut Boys

Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell with a startling amalgamation of sounds fusing deep house, dub, funk, and other twisted strands of modern electronica with Latin rhythms and African beats.

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Intergalactic Gary

Intergalactic Gary appearing at this event

Intergalactic Gary is a true alchemist - a DJ with a rare ability to transport and entertain for hours by dextrously blending genres and eras - and an unquestionable authority on everything space in electronic music. His 30-year career playing squat parties, clubs, and pirate radio stations is portrayed in his vast, obsessive knowledge and collection of (but never limited to) Techno, Italo, Disco, Chicago, Detroit, Electro, and New Wave.

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Ivan Smagghe

Ivan Smagghe appearing at this event

Half of the dark electronica duo 'Black Strobe'. A very cool man, and he plays records as well.

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Jane Fitz

Peg DJ specialises in house and soul.

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Joy Orbison

Joy Orbison appearing at this event

Dubstep producer and DJ.

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Luca Lozano

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Magda appearing at this event

Coming into the mix under the encouragement and instruction of Dan Bell and Claude Young, Magda began DJing in 1996 working her way through the underground party circuit, via promoters, such as: Syst3m, and joining the all female DJ collective: Women on Wax, it was only a short while before she began appearing regularly at Detroit area events and clubs. 1999 saw Magda's initial forays into techno, electro and house evolve. Her DJ sets were becoming increasingly minimal and the records in her box reflected a love of weird, challenging music. Invited by Richie Hawtin to open for him at his millennium celebration: Epok, Magda was entering a new phase in her career. In the time since, Magda has expanded her work with Hawtin, becoming his sole choice to open many of his recent Detroit and international events, including: Jak DEMF weekend (2001), Control, Labor Day weekend (2001), as well as earning an envious position on the line up of 'From Our Minds To Yours' the Plus 8 ten year anniversary party.

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Margaret Dygas

Margaret Dygas is a Polish DJ known as Malgorzata Dygasiewicz to the folks back home. Her ear for eclectic compositions and ability to drop mesmerising, extended performances defies any traditional definition of a preferred style or genre. However a scintillating combination of classic house tracks twisted against deep/dub techno and driving minimal can be expected.

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Mathew Jonson

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Respected amongst his peers as one of the most talented wordsmiths in UK music, multi-award winning DRS has shown over the years that he has a talent for writing, singing, rapping and an unrivalled ability to hold a crowd in the palm of his hand.

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Midland appearing at this event

Making his name in Leeds but now a global presence, Harry Agius AKA Midland is known for deftly maneuvering between euphoric disco dancefloor bombs and dark experimental techno weirdness. He runs the Graded and ReGraded labels, won the coveted 'Essential Mix of the Year' award, and his recent track 'Final Credits' was named by Mixmag as their song of the year in 2016.

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Mixmaster Morris

Festival favourite, King of the UK avant-garde and the hardest working chill-out DJ in the world who spins his own rebellious brand of trip-hop, techno and ambient jungle.

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The Mole

Berlin based Canadian DJ and producer.

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Mr Scruff

Mr Scruff appearing at this event

Initially inspired by the 2 Tone sound, the now legendary Ninja Tune DJ, Mr Scruff is famed for his awesome hip-hop sound, his epic six-hour sets and his sense of the comic. His sets are a mixture of deck-related wizardry and animated tom-foolery and will leave even the most hardened of anti-dance music critics grinning and boogieing the night away.

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Mr Shiver

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Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake appearing at this event

'Rather fab.... the hippest name to drop in dance/electronica circles at the mo'- Cardiff Underground. Norfolk's finest exponent of lushtronica and bedroom techno. Nathan’s first encounters with electronic music came via the radio (hearing the likes of Aphex Twin and Orbital) and reading about the equipment that they used in magazines. This was the stimulus for him to buy some gear and begin his own sonic experiments.

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Nick The Record

One of Brighton's very best DJs.

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Optimo is DJ duo Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, whose legendary Optimo night in Glasgow (and around the world) mixes up techno, electro, rock and other assorted records out of leftfield. Optimo started in 1997, though Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes had each been DJing separately for ten years. Both had started out playing different music - Twitch - electro, noisy rock and the eighties New York punk funk of Liquid Liquid (from who they borrowed their name) and Wilkes reggae, funk and jazz. Then techno came along and Twitch co founded Scotland's first techno club, Pure, which ran for ten years, became legendary, was the first club in Europe to book Jeff Mills, Green Velvet and Richie Hawtin. The club also spawned thee labels which released music from amongst others Coil, Chris and Cosey, Jimi Tenor and Orlando Voorn. In 1997 they founded the clubnight Optimo as a reaction to 4/4 techno all night long. Anything goes was the philosophy and the club night proved to be a hit. "I didn't care whether it would work or not, or whether anyone would go, it was just something I had to do," says Twitch. "I love DJing with all my heart but at this point I was so bored with seamless mixing - it was all just too obvious, too predictable and too easy - that I had to do something to preserve my (in)sanity." These days Optimo is taking the sound to the world with dates across Europe, America and Japan. And while Twitch and Wilkes remain the residents, each week Glasgow is treated to Optimo guests, who have included the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Atom Heart, Luciano, Four Tet and Justus Kohncke.

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Pearson Sound

Formerly known as Ramadanman and head honcho of the esteemed Hessle Audio label, Pearson Sound pushes the boundaries from garage to deep house vibes with a masterful execution and clarity that has seen him hailed one of the most influential producers around. A regular at Fabric where his blinding sets never fail to demolish the dancefloor.

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Prosumer appearing at this event

Resident DJ at Berlin's dark heart, Panorama Bar. An expert in classic Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

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Psychemagik appearing at this event

Psychemagik are producers, remixers and musicians who make lush, delirious, tripped out audio sonics counting Soulwax, Lovefingers, Q-Tip, Fake Blood, Tom Middleton & Faze Action as fans.

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Paul Blackford

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Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man appearing at this event

Electro-techno DJ Radioactive Man (aka Keith Tenniswood) mixing dirty electro with booty breakbeats. Also one half of techno crew Two Lone Swordsmen.

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Ralph Lawson

Ralph Lawson appearing at this event

Often noted as being 'Britain's best kept secret DJ', Ralph Lawson has been a regular at Fabric, Bugged Out and Home for the best part of a decade. Not satisfied with making his own music and releasing the music of new artists on his label 2020 Vision, Ralph has earned himself a significant reputation as a re-mixer, famously tampering with the work of artists as diverse as David Bowie and Felix Da Housecat.

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Red Axes

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Ricardo Villalobos

Ricardo Villalobos appearing at this event

One of the most influential artists in contemporary electronic music.

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Rob Mello

London based DJ who has been producing house music for over a decade.

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Roman Flügel

Roman Flügel appearing at this event

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Ruf Dug

Ruf Dug is a Manchester-based DJ bringing analogue heat, weirdness, expensive records, and 50p bangers.

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Having played with Ricardo Villalobos, A Guy Called Gerald, Omar S and Call Super, Saoirse definitely knows how to hold her own amongst some of the finest company.

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Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler appearing at this event

Seth has ignited the world of house and techno with a constant barrage of vocal jams, been voted Number Three best DJ in the world in the Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ Poll (beaten only by Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin), landed a much vaunted residency at DC10 in Ibiza and been invited by Pete Tong to deliver an Essential Mix for BBC Radio One.

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Shanti Celeste

Shanti Celeste appearing at this event

DJ Shanti Celeste brings influences from her native Bristol combining with more housey flavours from both Chicago and Detroit.

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Subb-an appearing at this event

Subb-an’s rapid rise to prominence as a DJ, producer and one of the most exiting new British live acts of recent years is testament to his hard work, natural talent and wholehearted commitment to electronic music. Named as DJ Magazines ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ in their 2011 end of year awards, Subb-an’s prodigious studio talents have seen him release on Crosstown Rebels, Spectral, Saved and My Favourite Robot and deliver much lauded remixes of Jamie Woon, Lana Del Ray, Noir & Haze and Hollis P Monroe over recent months.

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Tristan Da Cunha

A resident DJ at Basics in Leeds.

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A top-level DJ, who is also co-owner of the distinguished techno label Perlon Records.

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Also Appearing

Baby Vulture, Bobby Pleasure, Claro Intelecto, Christophe, Coleen Murphy, Conforce, Dave Harvey, Digby, DJ Fett Burger, Dr Horn, E/Tape, Emperor Machine (live), Jonny Rock, Josh Tweek, Krywald & Farrer, Lukas Wigflex, Mashrou Leila (live), Midnight Magic, Monolake, Nicolas Lutz, Not An Animal, Objekt, Oli Silva, Sonja Moonear, Smagghe and Cross, Wayne Holland, Vladimir Ivkovic

Houghton Hall & Gardens

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