The Fahrenheit Alliance (Online on demand)

The Fahrenheit Alliance (Online on demand)

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The year is 2020. Actors, confined to their homes by the pandemic, organise a secret, invisible alliance. An original multimedia staging of Kyle Yamada’s playwright The Fahrenheit Alliance, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451. Take a peek through the camera at a slice of hidden time.

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, this ambitious multimedia piece The Fahrenheit Alliance ? will be live-streamed from Tokyo !

??Kyle Yamada’s playwright, published on his blog in 2020, poses a secret way of gathering during an emergency time when we are forbidden to assemble in one place.

In this performance, actors trapped in their room by Covid-19 organise a secret, invisible alliance on the cloud, transcending walls and distance.

??The piece examines the act of spinning words about someone far away, while cocooned in one's own home like a silkworm.

??One participant records a voice for someone else, that someone listens and performs along with the recording. The performer then records their voice for another person, thus passing the baton.

A series of ‘voices’ and ‘bodies’ form a non-literal correspondence. ??The piece will be performed using stage design by Xu Wenfei. Landscapes, as seen by the person who recorded the ‘voice’, are projected onto the stage.

The performer delivers an improv performance while listening to the recorded audio of the voice. ??These performances in the series represent the passing of the baton from location to location, performer to performer. Each performance lasts about 15-20 minutes. The 2022 Edinburgh Fringe sees the third iteration of this series, following initial performances. The baton is passed across the ocean from Singapore to Tokyo!


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Digital live-stream | 7 & 14 August 2022 at 13:00pm UK time (BST)?
On demand | Recorded stream will be available on 8 - 29 August at Fringe society
--Also showing year-round at C ARTS | Online on demand from on 8 August

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Dance, PhysicaTheatre and Circus (Multimedia, Contemporary, Physical theatre, Spoken word, Adaptation)
?| 0hr30min ?| recommended for ages 8+

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