Call Of The Wild 2020

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Lincolnshire's biggest rock festival will be back in May 2020 for another weekend of great live music.

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Friday 29th May
Saturday 30th May
Sunday 31st May

Cloven Hoof Rum Stage

Exhibition Hall Stage


Massive Wagons

Massive Wagons appearing at this event

Massive Wagons are a young British five piece rock 'n' roll band in the great British Rock tradition. No gimmicks, silly haircuts, stupid clothes or ridiculous claims – just straight up, in your face heavy rock 'n' roll. Their influences include AC/DC and Motorhead.

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Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe appearing at this event

Fronting Hanoi Rocks in the 80s, Mike Monroe virtually invented sleaze rock. Hanoi are to sleaze what Black Sabbath are to stoner - and without Hanoi, there would be no Guns N' Roses or Backyard Babies.

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Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell appearing at this event

There isn’t much Welsh guitar legend Phil Campbell hasn’t done. From three-plus decades as Motörhead’s axeman to being voted number 20 in the pole of top 100 Welsh Heroes (comfortably beating JPR Williams, Roald Dahl and Sir Anthony Hopkins) to covering a Norweigian promoter in squirty cheese, Pontypridd-born Campbell continues to live life to the fullest with guitar in hand and humour intact. "Eschewing the grittier and scuzzier elements of Motörhead’s aesthetic for a far cleaner, punchier approach, the energy is high and there’s a rich seam of enjoyment. Think classic rock with a metal production (pinpoint-perfect guitar tones, a snare sound to die for) and a sh**tload of swagger" - Louder Sound

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Lincolnshire Showground

  • Grange-de-Lings
  • Lincoln
  • LN2 2NA

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