Boothby Graffoe - Zoombies

Boothby Graffoe - Zoombies

This event will be streamed online

After the last one, Boothby Graffoe swore he would never do another Zoom gig.

This is it.


An online comedic assault on life as we know it, with songs and laughter, monkeys and polar bears, and at least one Bossa nova.

It's gonna be dead good.

Featuring an entirely optional Best Looking Zombie at the Zoom Gig competition.

1st prize - a Boothby Graffoe CD

2nd prize - 2 Boothby Graffoe CDs

Please note earlier start time - dead on 7:30pm.

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Boothby Graffoe

Boothby Graffoe appearing at this event

'Boothby Graffoe is a multi-talented, darkly hilarious, grade A British eccentric, who can twist your funny bone one minute, and break your heart the next. A musical comedy act who is more musical than most musicians, and funnier than most comedians.' - Stewart Lee 'If I had to compare him to anyone, it would be Spike Milligan.' - Omid Djalili

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