Lost In Translation Circus

Lost In Translation Circus


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The Hogwallops

Lost In Translation Circus presents

The Hogwallops

UK based multinational multi skilled circus troupe with slapstick fun for all the family

Thrillingly spectacular circus skills blend seamlessly with physical comedy, clowning, juggling, theatrical storytelling and slapstick in this colourful, loud and funny dramatisation of the domestic adventures of a chaotic, dysfunctional family of misfits.

The Hogwallops are a vulgar, grotesque family who constantly bicker, scheme and play practical jokes on each other. Their crazy home is more like an adventure playground where the ordinary inevitably becomes extraordinary! Everyday activities take on extreme forms, simple tasks such as hanging out the washing become a clothes fight of swinging, flying bodies and fabric. Dinner time becomes a teasing game of animalistic juggling and a cooking lesson takes on dangerous proportions as household furniture stacks to the roof in a precariously balanced fashion.

Fast rising UK based contemporary circus company Lost In Translation display heart stopping virtuosic skilful aerial and floor acrobatics and a specially composed live score contributes to the mix creating a quirky and comic family show in the true sense. A treat for the eyes and ears with thrills, gasps, laughs and drama there’s plenty for both adults and children to enjoy.

Underbelly’s Circus Hub

  • Middle Meadow Walk
  • The Meadows
  • Edinburgh
  • EH9 9HX

0844 545 8252
Disabled Booking:
0333 344 4167