The People's String Foundation

£15.00 - £26.70

The People's String Foundation Performing Res Publica

They are very excited to host Hever’s first ever Gypsy band (with a difference) concert!

Res Publica is a brand-new musical touring performance from brilliant South-West band The People’s String Foundation (violinist Ben Sutcliffe and co-founder and composer Zaid Al-Rikabi). This Summer, the virtuoso duo are packing a 32-piece Gypsy Orchestra into a suitcase and taking it on tour to perform their newest album release Res Publica to audiences nationwide. Using music, puppetry, art, cinematography and animation, set to the backdrop of their ‘Virtual Orchestra’, this unique show combines many art forms to create one immersive piece – sure to set your heart racing, get your toes tapping and warm the soul.

The People’s String Foundation are fast becoming the musical heavyweight of the South-West and wider folk circles, bringing to life all the dynamism, rhythm and vitality of the true Gypsy spirit in spellbinding performances. Led by Ben Sutcliffe (musical director for Rogue, Kneehigh and Bish Bash Bosh theatre companies) whose dazzling violin style has seen him playing with the likes of The Levellers, The Stranglers and The Yardbirds.

* This show was rescheduled from 2nd August 2020.

The People's String Foundation

The South West is the appropriate home for the beautifully evocative, languid and lush music of The People’s String Foundation. Theirs is unfamiliar territory, scaling the heights of jazz, hip-hop beat-work, Middle Eastern melodies- performed with an eye toward experimentation and nods toward the avant-garde. Essentially the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and jazz singer Ben Sutcliffe and world/blues guitarist Zaid Al-Rikabi- the duo combine to wonderful songwriting effect but it’s in their live performances that the group combine, enlisting the assistance of a troupe of inspired musicians.

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The Festival Theatre @ Hever Castle

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