Green Man Festival: The Folkey Dokey Stage

Green Man Festival: The Folkey Dokey Stage

at Glanusk Park, Crickhowell

This event has been and gone.

Now in its fifth year, the Green Man festival, has gained a reputation for high-quality and unusual acts. Strictly grass-roots, Green Man is a compact festival, with a very big soul. See for more infomation.



Battles appearing at this event

From Brooklyn, New York, Battles are an angular and highly experimental band concisting of John Stanier (drums) of Helmet and Tomahawk and Ian Williams (guitar/lkeyboards) of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress. Together they push the sonic limits of how conventional instruments and electronics meld. Their reputation as some of the most skilled and innovative musicians of their time has helped to garner them a worldwide audience. Battles has been anything but a conventional band. As result of its constant forward-momentum – musically and conceptually – Battles albums have placed the band amongst the most innovative of Warp Records' roster. Battles stand out on their own more than ever as THE band that can unite techno lovers, progressive rock aficionados and experimental enthusiasts of all stripes.

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James Yorkston

James Yorkston appearing at this event

'A thousand times more haunting than anything the New Acoustic Movement ever dreamed of' said the NME. Indeed Scottish musician James Yorkston's music is haunting, but there is something else in his music which lifts him above the average acoustic singer/songwriter. At times he sounds like a rat-pack crooner, the next like a Scottish balladeer, and just when he's got down to his quietest, most fragile moment he'll break into one of the loudest acoustic guitar intervals you're likely to hear. James Yorkston is diversity at it's best, with all the quality of tradition and excitement of the new.

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Six Organs of Admittance

Six Organs of Admittance appearing at this event

Six Organs of Admittance is basically just one man (but what a man!) - Ben Chasny (of Comets On Fire), along with whomever he ropes in for recording or for shows. This man-band started in 1997 when Ben self- released his first LP in an edition of 400, little dreaming that one day Six Organs of Admittance would sell 37 times as many records. It was just something that was destined to happen - but that was the beginning of the happening.

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The North Sea Radio Orchestra

'A unique chamber group who perform music of beauty and originality of a particularly English nature. Featuring wind, strings, percussion, guitars, organs and voices, theirs is a world in which melody and harmony abound'- The Spitz.

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Voice Of The Seven Woods

'A potent cocktail of krautrock, folk, jazz, tropicalia and Welsh progressive rock has seduced stalwarts of Manchester's alternative music scene into countless collaborations with Rick at the helm.... a masala of instruments ranging from brass and acoustic to electric varieties. With an exhausting work schedule Rick Tomlinson has decided to unpack his suitcase and attempt to commit his very own hybrid of instrumental progressive rock to tape under the name "Voice Of The Seven Woods" '- Hey! Manchester.

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The General and Duchess Collins

Ex-Pusherman and Beta Band member Richard Greentree unveils new outfit.

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Starless & Bible Black

Starless & Bible Black appearing at this event

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Also Appearing

Thistletown, Moon Music Orchestra

Glanusk Park

Brecon Beacons National Park