Tangerine Dream

£30.25 - £36.85

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This show was rescheduled from 24th October 2020.


Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream appearing at this event

Fore-fathers of the German synth rock sound and one of the most influential bands in the genre, the seven-times Grammy nominated pioneers of electronic music take their audience on a psychedelic journey through sight and sound. A legendary instrumental prog rock band characterised by the use of high-end modern technology next to a strong rock'n'roll identity and the pioneers of Krautrock, Tangerine Dream are hard to pigeonhole into any music category. Many have unsuccessfully tried to emulate their trademark sound, but no one could quite nail the secret ingredient of their unique recipe; the way musical layers are structured and finely glued together results in an indescribable musical experience which has always kept them one step ahead of any fashionable trend.

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Coventry Cathedral

  • 1 Hill Top
  • Coventry
  • CV1 5FB


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