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Terms & Conditions

As a general rule, please try to keep your reviews constructive and informative. If you didn't enjoy a show, explain why. We will happily publish an article that says "I thought the sound quality was poor", but we're likely to delete a comment that says "the sound engineer was an idiot".

These pages are often read by venue managers and band members, so if you wouldn't be prepared to make your comments to them in person, you shouldn't do it here, either.

We don't generally correct spelling and punctuation, so please try to check before you submit, and please avoid using ALL CAPITALS or bad language. If your review is well-written, it's more likely that people will take notice!

"Have Your Say" is for your reviews only. If you have a question for Ents24, or if you've spotted a mistake, please get in touch with us by email instead.

If you run a venue or play in a band, you can still add reviews of yourself, but please make it clear who you are.

By submitting an article:

  1. You must own the copyright in the submitted article or have permission from the copyright owner to post the article.
  2. You give Ents24 permission to re-publish the article in any form on the Ents24 website, other websites and in other types of media, without payment to you. Where this happens, you will be credited (using your display name) as the author.
  3. You agree that Ents24 can remove articles at any time without any explanation, or edit articles for clarity and length.
  4. You indemnify Ents24 against any claims of whatever nature that arise as a result of any breach by you of any of these Terms and Conditions or any warranty offered by you under this agreement.
  5. You agree that we will remove any articles that contain:
    • Bad language, threats, insults, references to criminal activity, heresay or rumours.
    • Questions or comments directed to venues, artists, events promoters or Ents24 staff.
    • Advertisements or commercial promotions.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to receiving your reviews!