Order Details Unavailable

If you were unable to find details of your order using our contact form, you may have followed a link from Ents24 to buy from another supplier.

In these cases, we do not have access to details about your order, and you will need to contact the relevant supplier directly, so please read the information below carefully.

1. Check your email spam folder

Your order confirmation email contains details about which company is handling your order. Sometimes, these emails are mistaken for spam, so please check your spam folder first.

2. Check your bank / card statement

If you cannot find your confirmation email, your bank or card statement will tell you who has taken payment for your tickets.

3. Contact the relevant supplier

Ents24 (Ticket Enquiries Only)

Call 0115 896 3021


Visit their online helpdesk or call 08444 999 999.


Visit their online helpdesk or call 08444 999 999.


See their help page, or call 0115 959 7908.


Use their online contact form.