Pans Return

at Headgate Theatre, Colchester

Please note: Info provided by the Event Organiser

This story is told to you by the beautiful Neverland fairies, Tinkerbell, Periwinkle, Blossom and Fruitpip. Using their fairy magic they take you back in time and show you Tinkerbell’s story, of what really did happen to Peter Pan!
 Did you know Peter Pan really did grow up and had children of his own? Peter and his family have come back to London on a family holiday to stay with Great Granny Wendy.

But will the vengeful Captain Hook let Peter get on with his life or will he finally somehow get his revenge on the flying boy who cut off his hand?

Please join us and see.

Headgate Theatre

  • 14 Chapel Street North
  • Colchester
  • CO2 7AT

01206 366000

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