Bang Face Xmas Party 2019

at The Station, Bristol

This event has been and gone.

A Neo-Rave Explosion of Acid, Jungle, Rave Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Breakcore, Bass, Techno and Electronica!



Altern-8 appearing at this event

'Top one, nice one, get sorted!' Whether you loved them or h-8-ed them, no-one could ignore the yellow mask-wearing and industrial overall-clad DJ duo in the early 90s, as they produced a string of top 20 hits including 'Activ-8', 'Evapor-8' and 'Hypnotic St-8'. Watch yer bass bins.

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Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert appearing at this event

Luke Vibert is a British recording artist and producer known for his work in many subgenres of electronic music. Vibert began his musical career as a member of the Hate Brothers, only later branching out into his own compositions. Vibert has recorded under several different aliases, most notably Plug and Wagon Christ.

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Technical Itch

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Remarc appearing at this event

Jungle veteran with New Breed.

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Kanji Kinetic

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Dr Bastardo

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Saint Acid

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Bang Face Hard Crew

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Also Appearing

Manni Dee, Sam Binga, DJ Ipe, Dave Skywalker, Coxon, Brain Rays, Anorak, Demon Cabbage, Hurtdeer, Cervical Snare, Doomham, Moving Slavo, Chef Bozwan, Tricky Second Album, Theoretix, DJ Mad Dave, Inflatable Fuhrer

The Station

  • Silver Street
  • Bristol
  • BS1 2AG