Stoned Jesus

at Exchange, Bristol

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Snuff Lane loudly presents:

Stoned Jesus (UKR) // Beastmaker (USA) // More To Be Announced

Exchange, Bristol
Wednesday 11th October
Tickets: £12.00 Adv. / £15.00 on the door

For the first time ever in the UK, Ukraine's Stoned Jesus will perform their pinnacle album 'Seven Thunders Roar' in its entirety.

Special guest support from Rise Above Records American stoner-doom rockers Beastmaker.


Stoned Jesus

It’s been half a decade since Ukrainian heavy three-piece issued their second full-length, Seven Thunders Roar, and it would be hard to imagine they had any idea the audience it would find or how deeply it would resonate. With over 1 million plays on YouTube, it’s a record whose reputation continues to grow even now and is making its way toward being a classic in the genre.

To mark the five-year anniversary of Seven Thunders Roar, Stoned Jesus – who put out their third album, The Harvest, early in 2015 – will arrive in Bristol on the heels of a first official vinyl release for the sophomore outing, to perform a set that includes the five tracks played front to back in all their massive, jamming glory.

“It may look like we’re hopping on this hype train with the whole playing-their-‘legendary’-record-from-A-to-Z thing,” says band founder and guitarist Igor Sidorenko, “but truth is loads of people haven’t heard these songs live — apart from ‘I’m the Mountain,’ which we play on every show. Revisiting your own material that stood the test of rapidly changing trends is also something that may help us with our fourth record.”

Words: JJ Koczan



Beastmaker hail from the unlikely locale of Fresno, California. Sweating profusely in a parched no man’s land about three and a half hours northeast of Los Angeles, the city isn’t exactly a cultural mecca—and yet it’s the birthplace of Hollywood outsiders and weirdos like Sid Haig, Slim Pickens and director Sam Peckinpah. Still, it suffers from an unsurprising dearth of musicians interested in heavy rock.

Though Church had the concept for Beastmaker as far back as 2006, it wasn’t until he and drummer Andres Alejandro Saldate, a.k.a. Juan Bonham, hooked up with bassist John Tucker in 2014 that the band was fully realized. “I was really inspired by old bands and metal,” Church explains. “From the Zombies to Slayer, from Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons to Black Sabbath. I was really into NWOBHM and what bands like Witchcraft are doing now. After many failed attempts and at least five bands in between, we found John and finally had a solid lineup.”

Bleak and burly overtones of Sabbath, Pentagram and Witchfinder General ring through Lusus Naturae like echoes from a haunted past. Slow-rolling bruisers “Eyes Are Watching,” “Arachne” and “It” set the tone of doom and despair with nods to heavy ’70s classics, cult horror flicks and the inimitable work of one Mr. Glenn Anzalone. “When it comes to genre, I think of us as a much slower version of the Misfits or Danzig, but I’ve come to love the word ‘Doom’ whether or not it really relates to us,” Church offers. “It just feels like home.”



Fresno, California's doom merchants Beastmaker play, what they call, 'doom rock stoner psych metal'.

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