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67 appearing at this event

67 are a UK rap group from South London with a distinct Chicago influence.

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Abattoir Blues

Abattoir Blues appearing at this event

'Singer Harry Waugh bawls cavernous Palma Violets gang chants over slabs of psych rock sludge that, at their most melodic, resemble the Stone Roses, Spiritualized and the Sex Pistols in a monster truck pile-up and often build to crescendos they’ll only be able to get on to record by demolishing the studio on cue.'

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Adam Naas

Adam Naas appearing at this event

Parisian artist Adam Naas transcends the limitations of singular genres, blending pop, electronic music and gospel into a wholly unique sound led by Adam's moving, sensual vocals. Raised on Nina Simone and Sam Cooke, Naas discovered Lauryn Hill and Destiny's Child in his early teens and has recently been influenced by the likes of The XX and James Blake. Born in Paris to Egyptian parents, Naas fuses an intense, soulful vocal style with irresistible pop and slow, dark electronica.

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Aine Cahill

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Ainslie Wills

Ainslie Wills appearing at this event

Alternative / progressive pop from Melbourne.

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ALMA appearing at this event

Ambient yet unassumingly dramatic, London-based duo ALMA formed in 2015 and released their self-titled debut mini album via Fierce Panda Records. With the kind of impeccable sense of timing which eludes so many of us they released debut single ‘The Great Escape’ just as the hangovers subsided from The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. And as hangover cures go, ‘The Great Escape’ is one mightily gentle sonic comedown which Bearded Magazine described as 'the background music to an ambient explosion in space'. Quite fittingly, ALMA take their name from the Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array – 'a really bloody powerful telescope'.

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Avelino appearing at this event

Avelino brings innate lyricism, unique vocal tones and challenging production to create an incredibly fresh and original sound - after years of development in UK rap's underground scene. He is being championed as the future by the likes of Wretch 32, Labrinth, Stormzy and Tinie Tempah.

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Baloji appearing at this event

Belgian-based Congolese rapper Baloji, an artist who stands at the crossroads of traditional African and electronic music.

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Be Charlotte

Be Charlotte appearing at this event

Be Charlotte is one of the most innovative artists in Britain. Her songwriting prowess is beyond her years and has taken her on several Transatlantic journeys from her hometown of Dundee, Scotland. Her singing voice is flawless. She also raps and beatboxes and has helped to invent her own unique musical instruments.

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Belly Squad

Belly Squad appearing at this event

Belly Squad were one of London's most persistent soundtracks in 2016. A group from the city's South and East environs who fuse the capital's emerging road rap sound with elements of Afrobeats to explosive effect. Racking up imposing online stats - some tracks have received more than one million streams - it's clear that Belly Squad have hit upon something massive.

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Betty Who

Betty Who appearing at this event

This Australian-born, New York-based pop sensation mixes '80s synth pop with a modern day slant to create music like nothing else around. She says her music sounds as “if Prince and Abba had a baby”, and who would argue with that?

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Brian Deady

Brian Deady appearing at this event

The long-awaited second album Non-Fiction from Brian Deady has been met with wide critical acclaim from the likes of The Sunday Times calling it 'Bare-Knuckle and Remarkable' and The Irish Times stating 'Ireland has a new soul star in its midst'.

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Bryde appearing at this event

Brixton-based girl and an electric guitar singing fierce and vulnerable songs. With influences from PJ Harvey and Ben Howard, Bryde flickers between powerful guitar riffs and smooth melancholy acoustic sounds.

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Busty & The Bass

Busty & The Bass appearing at this event

'Busty and the Bass is a nine-piece collective of musicians from across North America who met during their first week studying music at McGill University. Originally born out of small Montreal house parties, over the last three years 'Busty' has evolved into a tight electrofunk band and become one of Canada's most vibrant and exciting new bands.'

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Cabbage appearing at this event

'Cabbage are a neo-post punk band from Manchester, whose drum beats a different beat and whose musical axis free-wheels along its own off-centred path. A truly original band, Cabbage is steeped in satire and diverse musicianship. With Lee Broadbent on vocals, Eoghan Clifford and Joe Martin on guitar, Stephen Evans on bass and Asa Morley on drums, Cabbage appear to be making it all up as they go along, through all their evolving creativity and bursting spontaneity.'

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Carys Selvey

Carys Selvey appearing at this event

'Songwriting has been a part of Carys’ identity from the age of 6 years old, when she wrote her first song, just a few weeks after she first picked up a guitar. This was the start of a prolific song writing career, which led to her signing a publishing deal with Sony/ATV in 2014. Carys plays piano, guitar, and the ukulele, and has a wide range of influences, but the ultimate sound could be likened to a hybrid of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. The lyrics used in Carys’ songs are refreshingly youthful and capture your imagination. They are often very thought provoking and insightful for someone as young as she is.'

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Charlie Straw

Charlie Straw appearing at this event

Originally from The Wirral, now based between Leeds and London, Charlie is a story telling singer-songwriter combining feel-good guitar pop with an emotional vulnerability. He has supported James Bay, Marika Hackman, Nathaniel Rateliff & James Morrison and has racked up over 3 million streams on Spotify.

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Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr appearing at this event

'This Los Angeles trio took root in 2012 when front woman, songwriter / guitarist Clementine Creevy began making bedroom demos under the name Clembutt. These rough tracks evolved under the mentorship of Lucy Miyaki, of L.A. band Tashaki Miyaki, and were later recorded with engineer Joel Jerome. After adding bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe, the band was formed, and Burger Records released their first collection, Papa Cremp, on tape. With dreamy vocals and an ethereal guitar, Cherry Glazerr’s “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” has become the band’s best known song to date, having been featured in a campaign for iconic fashion label Saint Laurent as well as in the television show Arrow. But the band goes beyond shoe gazey, lo-fi dream pop. Their bare bones style and precise, honest lyrics anchor a diverse sound that ranges from White’s Not My Color This Evening, with Sleater Kinney’s post punk influences to their break out song, the surf pop “Teenage Girl”, which premiered on internationally known style site Rookie Mag.'

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Childcare appearing at this event

Aka London based musician Ed Cares who works as a nanny, looking after three kids who he road-tests his music on before it reaches our ears. That time spent with youngsters gives his music a sense of honesty and innocence that's not only welcomed. Influences range from The Strokes and Hives to David Bowie.

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Club Drive

Club Drive appearing at this event

Club Drive are a three-piece fusing pop sensibilities with a refreshing funk/rock edge.

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Cosima appearing at this event

Soulful singer-songwriter.

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Croox appearing at this event

A reclusive collective, Croox refuse to divulge their true identities. When performing live, the group dress entirely in black and smother the stage in darkness to obscure and confuse. The music, though, speaks for itself. Dank, atmospheric production, the clipped, hip hop percussion is reminiscent of The Weeknd or even aspects of FKA Twigs.

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Dagny appearing at this event

Dagny is a Norwegian singer songwriter who has blossomed from a musical background in Tromsø in the very north of Norway. In many ways her music reflects her personality - a folk/pop sound infused with eternal optimism. Dagny is no stranger to big crowds - she opened for Sir Elton John, playing to a crowd of over 10,000 people in March 2012. Later that same year she was the exclusive support for Sting at the Impact Arena in Bangkok and in June of 2014 she opened for Bryan Adams at Clam Castle in Austria receiving an amazing reaction from a crowd of over 9,000! In late 2013, Dagny moved to the UK where she has become a firm favorite on the indie folk/pop scene.

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Dan Croll

Dan Croll appearing at this event

Dan Croll is a singer/songwriter born in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The talented multi-instrumentalist plays piano, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, and organ! He won the national Songwriter Of The Year award whilst attending the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), founded by Sir Paul McCartney. Dan's music combines elements of folk, classic Paul Simon-like melodies and electronic beats with African polyrhythms and guitar hooks. His material "sounds like a who’s who of Spotify buzz bands. Imagine Dragons, The Mowgli’s, Walk The Moon, etc. Echoes of each ooze through Croll’s squeaky-clean fusion of folk pop strums, R&B synths, and feel-good lyrics" - Consequence Of Sound.

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Dead Pretties

London's Dead Pretties play fast paced, blues-inspired rock with Dylan/Jagger-esque vocals

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Diane Birch

Diane Birch appearing at this event

Piano-and-Fender-Rhodes-playing singer-songwriter from America who will win you over with her heartfelt ballads.

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Dream Wife

Dream Wife appearing at this event

Dream Wife started out as a fantasy… literally. Icelandic singer Rakel and British musicians Alice and Bella played their first show as part of a performance project at art school in Brighton. Stuck in dreams of 90s club kid nostalgia they continue on making music, embracing their love for edgy pop. Dream Wife name David Lynch's women as a big influence; 'powerful and seriously f***ed up'. They play with the aesthetics of the 1960's yé-yé girls movement, along with current influences such as Sleigh Bells, Le Tigre and Grimes. Dream Wife ooze with girl power; infecting the crowd with their trademark 'poolside pop with a bite.' The music juxtaposes simple pop hooks, beats, cutting riffs and dreamy vocals.

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Drones Club

Drones Club appearing at this event

'Drones Club are a London electronic collective, lining up live as a five-piece. They played a series of raucous, transcendental shows in unusual locations over the summer of 2015 causing a whirlwind of hype. Their two EPs to date fuse the urgent rumble and slinking grooves of techno and disco to a melodic, gospel sense of spirituality. They’ve been described by DIY as “wildly different, dancefloor alighting” and the NME as producing “hypnotic hymns, life affirming ecstasy” and have picked up plays from Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and Annie Mac.'

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Eat Fast

Eat Fast appearing at this event

Brand new four-piece, Eat Fast, have quickly developed a knack for crafting sub-three-minute nuggets of fuzzy pop brilliance since first appearing at the start of 2016. Inspired by Cloud Nothings, Wavves and Battles, the band’s sugar-drenched harmonies, frazzled guitar riffs and thumping drums have quickly caught the attention of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, The Line of Best Fit and DIY.

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Fazerdaze appearing at this event

A lo-fi /dream pop artist from New Zealand.

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Fil Bo Riva

Fil Bo Riva appearing at this event

'FIL BO RIVA. Three words, three cities. Rome, Dublin and Berlin. This half-Italian grew up in the Roman suburbs and spent his youth in Ireland. His first song was an homage to Pete Doherty and he decamped to Berlin in 2012 after his first visit to the city. FIL BO RIVA is a tube-amp-driven-like-something voice of a young fellow, that will haunt you. These rugged, powerful songs have lost none of their urgency but have gained many exciting touches, secreted in the arrangements. Floating between folk and soul, Fil Bo Riva merges beating melancholic songs with great dynamics. The result of a twisted mind and a beating loving heart.'

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Francobollo appearing at this event

Lo-fi electro drums, grungy guitars and the odd lashing of synth from Sweden. Seamlessly switching from mellow, beautifully constructed melodic instrumentals into wild, explosive moments of raucous brilliance. “Sporting the slacker sentiments of Mac DeMarco and the untameable riffs of Pavement...Francobollo’s charm is their ability to scuff over the details and initiate you into their irresistible movement of not giving a s**t” – London In Stereo

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Froth appearing at this event

Hailing from Echo Park, California, Froth combines a forward-thinking garage rock sound with elements of shoegaze and psych-pop washed in the dreamy textures of omnichord and jangly 12-string guitar. Getting their start in 2012, Froth has quickly risen through the ranks of the Los Angeles DIY music scene, playing with the likes of The Growlers, Cosmonauts, La Luz, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, Mystic Braves and many more. Froth continues to attract new fans with their strong hooks and high-energy live show, and remains dedicated to exploring the sonic possibilities of their expansive psychedelic sound.

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Gabriella Cohen

Gabriella Cohen appearing at this event

You may know her as the front woman of rock ‘n’ roll band, The Furrs, but Australian singer / songwriter, Gabriella Cohen, has emerged as a successful solo artist, playing beautiful, 90s tinged, 'coma pop' / folk rock.

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Goat Girl

Goat Girl appearing at this event

Taking their name from the late comedian Bill Hicks' alter ego, Goat Boy, Goat Girl are an all-female indie-rock band from London, UK. "Straight out of South London and determinedly DIY, Goat Girl are feisty, furious and fearless. Their incendiary rock, with shades of mid-noughties Cat Power and Medway garage girls Thee Headcoatees, challenges everything from national apathy to the perils of public transport" - The Guardian.

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Gold Class

Gold Class appearing at this event

A fledgling post punk band from Australia.

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Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic appearing at this event

'Los Angeles’ Gothic Tropic introduces bona fide originality to the world of indie-pop. The brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic keeps the vibe playful, effervescent and punchy, offering a new brand of female fronted, guitar-driven music. Della Peruti’s electric performance brings audiences into a new era of female rock nobility, nodding to stars like Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde, and a blend of Richard Lloyd and Nile Rodgers on guitar.'

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Gurr appearing at this event

Berlin duo Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee are Gurr, a garage pop band that sounds like a trashy 60s girl group meshed with poppy vocals in two voices and a flavour of eerines,s dug out from the deep darkness that is the Berlin rock n' roll bar's restroom at 5am.

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Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas appearing at this event

A Canadian indie singer / songwriter who began with acoustic leanings in her music, and has since crossed various genres including electronic and pop. With her recent album she’s found bold new ways to marry her essential singer/songwriter sensibility to elaborate studio soundscapes, while significantly upping the playfulness factor. It’s an album of rich, emotionally resonant synth-pop that isn’t afraid to walk a fine line between vintage new wave and contemporary ethereality, easily gliding from tongue-in-cheek come-ons to hauntingly emotional head trips.

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HMLTD appearing at this event

With influences ranging from Nick Cave to Talking Heads and a jaw dropping live show that harks back to '80s glam-rock, HMLTD are out to get you while you're young. They've been working up a name for themselves across London with songs that defy convention and fly on a tangent, an acid Mike Patton lounge imagination, and pure glam fireworks.

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Homeshake appearing at this event

Montreal-based songwriter Peter Sagar was best known for a long stint as a guitarist for Mac DeMarco’s live band. But as his own Homeshake project took off, he started working in earnest on his own bleary compositions. The music he's released i a wonderfully tape-warped take on indie pop structures, though more keyboard heavy than ever before.

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Husky Loops

Husky Loops appearing at this event

A newly formed four piece band based in London who write songs by merging together influences from Italian Rock to British and American music. 'Described as having a ‘sleazy, hot-footed noise’ where sharp, swerving riffs and unconventional arrangements are forged into strange shapes with an unorthodox delivery, Danio, Pietro and Tom first met at school in Bologna. Fast forward 15 years to a relocation to London to study at music college and the Royal College of Art, when they put the finishing touches to their ultimate creation Husky Loops.'

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Ider appearing at this event

Megan and Lily formed IDER in their bedroom in North London and arrived in 2016 with their silken debut track ‘Sorry’, catching the attention of songwriter and producer Shura, who went onto produce ‘Does She Even Know’ from their debut EP 'Gut Me Like An Animal’. The pair soon found themselves catapulted into the spotlight after receiving monumental radio praise for each of the tracks featured on this EP.

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Indigo Husk

Indigo Husk appearing at this event

Indigo Husk are a four piece alternative band that channel the energy of punk and and the lo-fi sound and high volume of garage rock. Audiences can expect genres spanning from jazzy psychedelia to frantically fast grungy blues, linking their eclectic set together with enthusiasm and style. Joe Hamm, Joe Taylor, Big Mac and Flynn can promise a high energy set due to a passion for live performance.

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Jacques appearing at this event

See Jacques tour dates

Jake Houlsby

Jake Houlsby appearing at this event

Jake Houlsby is a young Indie-Folk singer-songwriter from the North-East. Jake's unique voice and intricate guitar playing have built him a loyal fan base, with Spark Sunderland describing his live performances as 'truly immersive and relaxing.' His current style has been likened to Ben Howard, Fleet Foxes and Laura Marling and is "all about nice melodies, strong chord progressions and evocative lyrics."

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James Hersey

James Hersey appearing at this event

'We live in a rapidly evolving world of instant communication and snap judgements. It’s this world that James Hersey explores, shining a light on how this new instant gratification can co-exist with instinctive human emotions. Arriving on the scene with his debut single ‘Miss You’, released via Glassnote Records, Hersey’s talent for songs that will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever experienced heightened emotions, i.e. everyone, is strikingly evident. Happy to explore musical genres, utilizing a grounding in folk, pop, and rock from a young age, Hersey’s songs work in different musical contexts because at the core of them lies classic songwriting. Crucially, the thread throughout is always Hersey himself.'

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Jameszoo appearing at this event

Jameszoo aka Mitchel Van Dinther emerged from the small town of Den Bosch in the southern Netherlands in the late 2000s. First as a DJ – with wide-ranging crates of avant-garde jazz, prog and kraut rock, electronic experiments, and beat oddities – and then as a producer capable of impressive sonic and rhythmic incongruities. Jameszoo has worked with a stellar cast of classical and jazz musicians on his album 'Fool', including pianist Niels Broos, drummers Julian Sartorius and Richard Spaven, bass guitarists Raphael Vanoli and Stephen Bruner (aka Thundercat), and saxophonist John Dikeman. All of these different contributions and approaches are weaved together into a whole by Van Dinther, armed with electronics and naivety.

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Jerkcurb appearing at this event

Aka South East London musician Jacob Read delivering dark melodic indie.

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Jesse Terry

Jesse Terry appearing at this event

Jesse Terry is a nationally touring, award-winning singer-songwriter and road warrior. He has been compared to the likes of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne and James Taylor. Jesse has toured relentlessly in support of his three albums, including support slots for Darrell Scott (member of Robert Plant's Band of Joy), Tony Lucca, Liz Longley and Rachel Platten, shared festival stages with the likes of Mat Kearney, Shawn Mullins, Dar Williams, David Wilcox and Lori McKenna.

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John K. Samson

John K. Samson appearing at this event

John K. Samson is the singer-songwriter for critically lauded indie rock band The Weakerthans, who now also performs solo. He creates hymns for the departed and rockers for the living, songs about dying villages, Icelandic longing, snowplows, broken glass, satellites, hockey skates, and staff room romances. In creating these sonic portraits, Samson talked to relatives, friends and strangers; he visited archives, a tuberculosis sanatorium turned RV Park and a forgotten cemetery.

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Jordan MacKampa

Jordan MacKampa appearing at this event

Singer/Songwriter Jordan Mackampa is often described as a troubadour, an artist with timeless soul and lyrics drenched in heart felt empathy. As a man who was born in Kinshasa, grew up in London and became an artist in Coventry, Jordan’s music is swimming in the sounds and stories of the cities he’s inhabited over the years. His critically acclaimed debut EP “Physics” was celebrated for its unique combination of jazz soaked beats, folk melodies and effortless gospel harmonies as well as his poet like lyricism exploring love, longing and loss by the likes of NME, The 405, Julie Adengua and Clash Magazine

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Judas appearing at this event

'Judas are a four piece indie rock band hailing from all corners of the UK, based in London. The band have been together for around two years and have accomplished much in this time; releasing their self titled EP, performing at major festivals including Isle of Wight, Kendal Calling, Sound City, Y Not, Truck Festival, Tramlines and have even performed on the Main Stage at Leeds festival 2016. Furthermore they have played at many nationally renowned venues such as KOKO, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Islington Assembly Hall and the Cavern. Alongside this JUDAS have many live performances up and down the country under their belt, including a live set on Soccer AM last year with Circa Waves. Furthermore the band have had numerous airplays on BBC introducing and XFM, as well as performing live for BBC introducing. Judas’ sound is most commonly compared to a combination of U2 and Kings of Leon with anthemic songs, huge sounds and timeless melodies making up the core of their repertoire. With other influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Stereophonics, Judas create their unique style and deliver it live with exceptional energy and precision.'

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Kane Strang

Kane Strang appearing at this event

An alt indie artist from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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King Nun

King Nun appearing at this event

An alt-rock four piece from London.

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Klangstof appearing at this event

An alternative band based in Amsterdam who explore an electronic, synth led side to their music.

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Kojo Funds

Kojo Funds appearing at this event

Platinum selling Kojo Funds first made his mark on the UK music scene with his ultimate banger ‘Dun Talking’, catapulting him to the forefront of the UK Afrobeat inspired sound. With his ability to continuously knock out huge records with tracks like ‘Warning’, ‘My 9ine’ and & ‘Fine Wine’. As of 2018 Kojo managed to rack up over 100 million streams and 100 million YouTube views, globally, solely off the merit of his melodic flows and notable harmonious ad-libs. Marrying together his background of Ghanaian and Dominican heritage and his London roots, Kojo has created a perfectly compatible sound and ethos, that he coins Afro Swing.

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Kolars appearing at this event

A 'desert disco, glam-a-billy, space blues, R&Beyond' duo from Los Angeles and Boston.

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Kudu Blue

Kudu Blue appearing at this event

Originating in Brighton but with roots in Birmingham and Bristol, Kudu Blue take inspiration from the kind of groups that sit in the liminal space between the club and the sitting room; the end of the night over-looking the city and the taxi-ride to the venue. Think: Massive Attack, Portishead, 90s/00s dance music, with a poppy, groovy edge.

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L.A. Salami

L.A. Salami appearing at this event

L.A. Salami (Lookman Adekunle Salami) is a singer/songwriter from London, known for crafting magnetic blues-rock songs with a postmodern twist.

See L.A. Salami tour dates

Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell appearing at this event

Lisa Mitchell is finding a voice all of her own in her candy-coated folk-pop. Her music embodies the tenderness of Laura Marling, the wordplay of Regina Spektor and the free spirit of Feist, but Lisa nonetheless inhabits a magical world that few other artists are exploring.

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Lowell appearing at this event

A classically trained musician, Lowell suffers from a rare neurological condition known as synaesthesia which causes her to process sound as colours thus having a huge influence on her music and visions. With her bold blend of pop, Lowell writes to empower herself as much as her listeners. She stridently addresses the lack of LGBT rights in our society as well the ignorance about (and simultaneous obsession with) homosexuality. '...Packed with irresistible pop hooks, dreamy synth textures and pointed feminist commentary' Rolling Stone magazine.

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Lowly appearing at this event

Lowly is a noise pop band from Denmark and consists of Nanna Schannong (vocal, guitar), Soffie Viemose (vocal, samples), Kasper Staub (synth), Thomas Lund (bass, Moog) and Steffen Lundtoft (drums). Their sound is melodic and eclectic as synths, beats and vocals each take up their space of equal importance in the mix.

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Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman appearing at this event

Marika's music channels something very different to the happy-clappy nature of recent folk. Hers is a far more potent vision in the lineage of Syd Barrett, but presented by an enigmatic beauty with a striking vocal delivery more akin to that of Nico deftly exploring an unsmiling bereft landscape. Intrigue is at the heart of Marika's music, but there's something gloriously attainable about her as an artist, and her commitment to touring and meeting with a receptive audience who are searching for the very same antidotes to the challenges of modern life.

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Marthagunn appearing at this event

An alternative band from Brighton. Named after historic Brighton heroine 'The Priestess of The Bath', their music draws from the 70's song writing of Fleetwood Mac and Eagles while keeping modern influences such as Tame Impala and Mystery Jets. Their sound is classic but never retro.

See 11 tour dates featuring Marthagunn

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson appearing at this event

'Matt Mason has been concealed in plain sight for the past few years, supplying his fan base with an emotional punch of acoustic angst intensified by aggressively raw vocals in the Hip Hop-heavy area code of Virginia Beach.'

See 2 tour dates featuring Matt Maeson

Middle Kids

Middle Kids appearing at this event

An alt / indie pop trio from Sydney, Australia.

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Miles From Kinshasa

Miles From Kinshasa appearing at this event

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and raised in the UK, Miles from Kinshasa is a South London based multi-instrumentalist and producer making rumba-pop – an infectious yet intense self-crafted version of n&B.

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Mosa Wild

Mosa Wild appearing at this event

Mosa Wild’s Jim Rubaduka (Lead Vocal/Guitar/Keys) and Alex Stevens (Guitar) began making music together at school and on coming to the end of their studies they formed The Intermission Project, which was just that, a project of making music while deciding whether or not to go to university. After that year, Jim & Alex serendipitously picked up Charlie Campbell (Drums) and Edwin Ireland (Bass). The intermission would soon be over, making way for something different with a new focus. Showcasing Jim’s rich baritone vocals, reminiscent of The National, and backed by lush instrumentation that recalls the likes of Justin Vernon and The Maccabees, Mosa Wild’s music is loaded with emotion yet there’s a maturity here which holds back just enough to leave you wanting more.

See 5 tour dates featuring Mosa Wild


Mullally appearing at this event

'With such a captivating voice, it seems quite clear that pop-soul singer Mullally is set to create waves in the music scene. He began his musical venture from the age of just 16, where he played the guitar, wrote and recorded music as part of a band with his 3 best friends till the age of 18 before going solo. He also studied Artist Development at the prestigious Access to Music College, which is also the alma mater to stars including Rita Ora and Ivor Novello award-winning Ed Sheeran. As a songwriter and performer, Mullally packs a soulful punch, utilising range of modern production techniques and to underpin his sing-along pop vocal arrangements that far belie his young years, painting vivid pictures in the minds of his listeners. The youngster is inspired by soulful and prominent legends; from the ethereal sounds of soul singers Marvin Gaye and Van Morrison to the more recent sounds of the late Amy Winehouse and Paolo Nutini. These are just a few of the idols he would listen to for some inspiration before he hits the studio.'

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Native Dancer

Native Dancer appearing at this event

London five-piece twisting styles with elements of pop, soul, electro-funk, jazz, rock and dance music. "A refreshing burst of imagination, uniqueness, and purpose in a crowded electro-fusion landscape, driven by a rich soundscape of unexpected, experimental instrumentals and jazz vocals" – Afropunk.com

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Nilufer Yanya

Nilufer Yanya appearing at this event

A soulful indie solo artist from London. At the age of 13 she was inspired to pick up a guitar by her Irish / Bajan / Turkish parents who are both artists, and took her influences from bands including The Stoke and The Libertines.

See 2 tour dates featuring Nilufer Yanya

Noga Erez

Noga Erez appearing at this event

Noga Erez is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter, keyboardist and percussionist who has already established herself as an appreciated young musician. Her music has been noted for its wide array of genres and she is frequently compared with Bjork, St. Vincent and FKA Twigs. Together with her partner, Ori Rousso, they created an international interest before releasing one official single.

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October Drift

October Drift appearing at this event

Formed at the start of 2014, October Drift may be a little known and mysterious project at the moment, but they wear their heart on their musical sleeves. They’ve been digesting a stock of Smashing Pumpkins, The National and My Bloody Valentine records, constantly rehearsing and playing under the radar shows – which have gained them a word of mouth popularity. Continuing to shun social media, appearing clandestine behind ambiguous placards with mysterious balaclava-clad characters appearing through the cities they play, the band continue to communicate with their fans purely one-on-one.

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From the ashes of previous, and largely unsuccessful, bands such as Paper Boats, rises the phoenix known as Olympian. The two members, Aron Robinson and Justin Sheran, have years of experience between them, and seem well qualified to finally make the break into the mainstream. The name Olympian came about when the boys were struggling to find a name that was appropriate to the music and their new situation. In the same way that an Olympic athlete hones their craft for years for that moment of glory, Olympian have done the same for many years now and feel that this is their time to enjoy their day in the sun. Those who have previously seen either of them taking their music around Manchester in the hope of finding recognition will already be familiar with Aron’s work as both a singer/songwriter. In Olympian, all these times of blood, sweat and tears have come together in what he himself calls ‘ a sound that is my own’, and the collaboration with Justin has certainly resulted in a sound that is unique; blending low key arrangements with the kind of downbeat compassion you can hear from Elbow and I am Kloot. The songs lack John Bramwell’s anguished bitterness, and Guy Garvey’s grandeur, instead offering a softer and almost romantic feel to their tales regret, walking away and drunken fools. The ‘Three Songs’ that the duo made available to download last month have been extremely well received, and their following through the social networks is also increasing at a speed of knots.

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Our Girl

Our Girl appearing at this event

Brighton three-piece Our Girl are singer/guitarist Soph Nathan, bassist Josh Tyler and drummer Lauren Wilson. Nathan’s honest, personal lyrics float in a delicious array of sounds: rhythmic drum and guitar hooks make dynamic jumps to thick garage-rock riffs, then suddenly cut to beautiful, intimate moments of lone guitar and reverb-hugged vocals.

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Parcels appearing at this event

Parcels are a funk-pop group from Byron Bay, Australia, currently based in Berlin. Members are Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin. The band members forged a tight musical bond performing in an array of projects ranging from metal bands to folk ensembles. Thereafter the broad spectrum of the members’ influences and sensitivities gelled in a unique blend of contemporary electronica and matured funk disco.

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Picture This

Picture This appearing at this event

Alt-pop four-piece from Athy, Ireland who originally began as a duo featuring Ryan Hennessy and Jimmy Rainsford, later joined by Owen Cardiff and Cliff Deane. Their self-titled debut album in 2017 was certified as triple platinum in Ireland and held the number one spot in the Irish Album Chart for four weeks.

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Plaitum appearing at this event

'Plaitum combine the glacial cries and whispers of Abi Dersiley with the dark and brooding atmospherica of producer Matt Canham. The multi-instrumentalist pair have been friends since childhood, having met aged 11, at school in Colchester, and bonded over their shared love of Massive Attack, Talking Heads and old horror films. They were in a series of bands together before realising their close friendship meant a duo was probably the most effective vehicle for their ideas. Plaitum are currently working on their forthcoming debut album, with Canham at the controls at the famous Church studios in North London’s Crouch End, overseen by Epworth. Ahead of that there is their debut EP and it is the introduction to the world of Plaitum. A world of obsession and death, sex and psychosis, and charged, dark electronic pop.'

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Poté appearing at this event

St. Lucian born, London bred DJ and producer Poté has already impressed with his unique, carnival-laced sound – a blend of Soca and Kuduro influences with tribal drum twists and abstract, sliced vocals.

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Pumarosa appearing at this event

A five piece, 'industrial spiritual' band from London weaving delicate webs between 80’s new wave, 90’s shoegaze, industrial and modern indie. "The missing link between Joy Division and Pendulum? If pop required such a thing, Pumarosa would fit the bill" - The Guardian

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Ray Blk

Ray Blk appearing at this event

Ray Blk is a young RnB singer / songwriter from South London who cites her inspirations as Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, biggie smalls and Lil Kim. She infuses soulful sounds with a hip hop edge and asserts that her primary focus are lyrics while vocals are secondary. Ray hopes to bring something new to the RnB scene that the UK can call their own.

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Saint PHNX

Saint PHNX appearing at this event

Shades of Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and OneRepublic weave their way through SAINT PHNX's sound, but this Glasgwegian duo are unique. A big helping of attitude, a willingness to experiment and a knack for writing rousing choruses ensures they make enough noise to rival a full band, and they're not afraid to get real in their lyrics, even chronicling the setbacks they've had while climbing the ladder in the notoriously tough music industry.

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Sampa The Great

Sampa The Great appearing at this event

The rise of Sampa the Great has been spectacular to watch. A young woman from Zambia and based in Sydney, she has set about making music that artfully combines her natural style and energy with thought-provoking, socially-conscious themes. She views music as the language of the soul, transcending borders and acting as an agent for positive change. Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, Sampa Tembo found a love for hip-hop at an early age, carrying it with her as she travelled and studied. Her upbringing and life experience inform her lyrics, which cover political and societal imbalances in a meaningful way, tackling heavy themes with a light touch. It’s a quality that runs through her recent debut release The Great Mixtape, produced by fellow Sydney-sider Godriguez. Sampa delicately entwines her poetry through each beat, playfully switching styles to ensure it engages you on every level. Like her many influences - both musical and political - Sampa hopes to inform and inspire, delivering her message in a way that is bold yet inclusive. “I’m great,” she proclaims, not as a boast but instead a rallying call. “You’re great. We’re great.”

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Sarathy Korwar

Sarathy Korwar appearing at this event

Sarathy Korwar is a percussionist/composer born in the US, raised in India and now based in London and Pune (India). Trained as a classical tabla player under the guidance of Shri Rajeev Devasthali and Sanju Sahai, Sarathy is equally at ease on the tabla and drum-kit.

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Shame appearing at this event

Funk / Punk / Indie / Soul five-piece from South London. Bursting at the seams with punk energy, with the patter of the Streets, the spittle of Mark E. Smith, and the underground spirit of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, combined with the frenzy, rage and exasperation of their youth. Their reputation as one of the best new live bands in London is cemented following tours with The Garden and Fat White Family and shows with The Fall, King Gizzard, Slaves and more.

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Shells appearing at this event

'Shells is well travelled, having been born in Japan due to her fathers job, she completed her early schooling in Yokohama, being immersed in the local culture and surroundings. Returning to the UK for later schooling, she then completed a degree in contemporary music before heading off on travels to Ghana and South Africa to learn more about world music. it was upon this trip that Shells first learnt of Cora, the African Harp and a fascination with the djembe. Upon her return to England she purchased a Cora from a small shop in Brighton and started writing and producing her own music. A blend of haunting melodies, stunning choruses and intricate production all just scratch the surface of what she achieves within her music.'

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Sh*tkid appearing at this event

ShitKid is the project of Åsa Söderqvist based in Gothenburg in the south of Sweden. After moving to Gothenburg from her hometown in the north of Sweden she found herself starting a feminist punk band with two friends and quickly started playing around Gothenburg, but at the same time she’d also started recording on her own at home.

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DJ Shogun

DJ Shogun appearing at this event

DJ Shogun is a guy who made a big mark on London during 2011 with a slew of sets in some of the city's most revered club nights. Expect to hear an infectious mix of hiphop, breaks, house and bashment, punctuated by a few of his own creations.

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Sigrid appearing at this event

Sigrid’s defiant pop was catapulted into the public consciousness with the zeitgeist defining ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’; the certified-Gold ‘Strangers’, A-List record ‘High Five’, critically lauded RAW EP and ‘Sucker Punch’. From the tiny town of Ålesund in Norway, which sits at the entrance of a UNESCO-protected fjord surrounded by sea and mountains, Sigrid has been creating a world which emboldens her followers, displaying outstanding song writing ability with hard-hitting and empowering words, laced over unexpected and daring melodies.

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SKOTT appearing at this event

Swedish ethereal future-pop singer drawing comparisons to the likes of Grimes, Nicole Dollanganger, and Florence And The Machine. She combines sweet harmonies with dark synths. SKOTT has garnered praise from the likes of Lorde, Zane Lowe, and Huw Stephens

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Sløtface appearing at this event

A four piece indie rock band from Stavanger, Norway. Their music is coated with a sheen of pop sensibilities, delivered with the snarl of a punk band and 90's indie-rock influences.

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Sophie Hunger

Sophie Hunger appearing at this event

Sophie Hunger is a folk-blues turned electro artist from Zurich, now residing in Berlin. Not only is she a respected singer-songwriter, but also a film composer, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, blues harp, piano) and bandleader.

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Alternative urban pop trio, comprising of lead vocalist Dayna Leadbitter, guitarist Alex Campbell and drummer/producer Jaimie Johnson.

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Stefflon Don

Stefflon Don appearing at this event

Stephanie Allen aka Stefflon Don is an MC with inventive rhymes and wordplay. The east Londoner first started making waves in 2015 with her versions of Wretch 32’s Six Words and Section Boyz’s Lock Arff. Since then she’s been in high demand, appearing on tracks by the likes of Lethal Bizzle, Sneakbo and Angel.

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Steve James

Steve James appearing at this event

Steve James is described as an underground legend in his home state of Texas. He is widely recognised as Austin's prime exponent of acoustic roots and blues music. He is a Blues musician, one of the best bottleneck slide players and a storyteller supreme. His playing and encyclopedic knowledge of the Blues has earned him a vast reputation in the world of contemporary acoustic and roots music. Now based in Seattle, Steve was born in New York City in July 1950 and started teaching himself guitar at the age of 12. In the 70's he moved to Tennessee where he was influenced by Sam McGee, hosted a radio show on WEVL FM and accompanied Furry Lewis and Lum Guffin. He then moved to Texas where he formed an electric combo with sax player Clifford Scott and drummer Bobby Irwin (Van Morrison). For the last 25 years he has been playing solo acoustic touring all over Europe, North and South America and Australia.

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Stevie Parker

Stevie Parker appearing at this event

Bristol-based ambient pop artist Stevie Parker is influenced by the rock and electro genres, making for a heady experience. Stevie is backed by a tight band with alluring synths and thrilling guitar lines, and when topped by Stevie’s divine vocal harmonies it will have you wanting more.

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Swimming Tapes

Swimming Tapes appearing at this event

Swimming Tapes are a London-based indie five piece releasing nostalgic, dreamy guitar music, drawing comparisons with the likes of Real Estate, Belle & Sebastian and Day Wave, who the band supported after the release of their self-produced debut track Souvenirs in summer 2016.

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Tender appearing at this event

Chilled / electro indie duo, James Cullen and Dan Cobb, capture the full range of nightly emotional rollercoasters in their music - the consuming guilt, the crippling loneliness, the directionless drifting - bringing them to life in a seductive blend of electronic grooves, dreamy synths, and washed out guitars.

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The Age Of L.U.N.A.

The Age Of L.U.N.A. are a foursome from north London comprised of rappers Butch Arkas and Kyoto Noir, vocalist Danielle Thomas and producer NK-OK. Drawing influence from Fela Kuti to A Tribe Called Quest and Erykah Badu to Tears For Fears, Age of LUNA offer a unique blend of honest, daisy age relatable lyrics, soulful vocals set alongside a production sound that’s built from live instrumentation.

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The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays appearing at this event

'Comprising of Harry Nicoll, Maxwell Oakley and Anthus Davis, The Bay Rays are the latest band to arise from Kent. Having only been discovered in 2015, their debut track ‘Four Walls’ is undoubtedly a hit. Resembling a mix of bands such as The Fratellis and The Vaccines, thrilling guitar is played in conjunction with a steady yet catchy drum beat and contrasting high pitched vocals; producing extremely effective creations.

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The Goon Sax

The Goon Sax appearing at this event

A young indie pop band from Brisbane who formed in 2013 when frontman, Louis Forster, and guitarist, James Harrison, were still at high school. Drummer, Riley Jones, joined in 2014 after only a month learning the instrument!

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The Japanese House

The Japanese House appearing at this event

The Japanese House is the solo project of Londoner Amber Bain. Crafting a mix of lush dream pop and brooding electronica, the Buckinghamshire native worked under a handful of different monikers before using the Japanese House name in 2015. The name was inspired by a childhood trip to Devon, where she posed as a boy for a week, earning the affection of a neighborhood girl who was later heartbroken to learn Bain's true identity. 'The music is a dreamlike display of both careful restraint and free-flowing creativity. Bain experiments with seemingly incongruent tapestries of sound, the earthy and the metal, the muted pastels and radiant neons, the futuristic and the familiar, to create something that’s neither purely cerebral nor of the heart.'

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The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang appearing at this event

The slacker-rock quartet have spun up a neat formula of chugging Weezer college rock and languid, lilting Mac Demarco guitar lines bound to get you singing along drunkenly into your mates face.

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The Moonlandingz

The Moonlandingz appearing at this event

'Semi fictional outsider ouija pop group' featuring Adrian and Dean from the Eccentronic Research Council and Lias and Saul from the Fat White Family.

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The Parrots

The Parrots appearing at this event

A surf guitar rock trio from Spain drawing inspiration from 1960s psych (The Groupies, 13th Floor Elevators), vintage rock n’ roll (Buddy Holly, Elvis) and glam (T-Rex). An outstanding live act where stage invasions seemingly occur at every gig and at least one band member heads out into the audience, creating a raucous live show.

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The Sandinistas

Like projectile missiles discharged from the Welsh Valleys, The Sandinistas are a heady young mix of Punk and New Wave Rock and Roll.

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Tigertown appearing at this event

'A family, a band, all together now, Sydney’s Tigertown share a special familial bond. At the band’s core lies husband-wife duo Chris (guitar) and Charlie Collins (lead vox + synth), rounded out by the former’s brother Alexi (keys) and sister Elodie (bass). Already boasting a dedicated following and Triple J support in their native Australia, the band set their sights internationally last year, making their mark as one of the breakout acts of SXSW 2015.'

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Tired Lion

Tired Lion appearing at this event

An indie rock four piece band from Perth, Western Australia, who formed in 2010.

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Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan appearing at this event

An soulful indie-blues singer-songwriter from Bedford, Tom studied acting at university, had a brief job at Costa Coffee then trained to be a professional footballer. This was all about to change, however, when his vocal talents were first discovered at a party while singing a cover of 'Seaside' by The Kooks after a few drinks too many. He then went on to become guest vocalist on Chase & Status's track 'When It All Goes Wrong' and his success story continues. Pretty soon Elton John was ringing him up to tell him how much he liked his music.

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Tsar B

Tsar B appearing at this event

A Belgian artist who creates RnB over beautiful sighing vocals.

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Will Joseph Cook

Will Joseph Cook appearing at this event

Captivating singer-songwriter based in Tunbridge Wells. His vocal range swings from low to falsetto. Will was raised on a diet of late-00s Indie, ranging from Spoon to Phoenix, through to Vampire Weekend, resulting somewhere in the sound he makes today.

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William The Conqueror

William The Conqueror appearing at this event

A character, a mythology, the flicker of a younger self, William the Conqueror is many things, but in simplest terms it is the name of a band put together by songwriter Ruarri Joseph, alongside his close musical conspirators Harry Harding (drums) and Naomi Holmes (bass). The trio have been picking up praise from far flung corners ever since Joseph took the step to go public with his erstwhile secret alter-ego, their shows steadily winning over fans up and down the country. The band’s new album Bleeding on the Soundtrack will be released on Loose on 15th February 2019 and can be pre ordered here - smarturl.it/bleedingonthesoundtr 'Looking For The Cure' is one of three singles already released from the album and you can check out the official music video here. Produced by Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams, White Denim, Laura Marling) at Peter Gabriel’s iconic Real World Studios, it is the second instalment of William’s story following on from debut album, Proud Disturber of the Peace, released in 2017 to widespread critical acclaim. The indie-rock three piece channel classic blues and roots rock through a grunge/indie filter, with diverse influences including The Doors, Ryan Adams and The Lemonheads. Praised for their grit and authenticity by the likes of The Guardian and NPR’s Ann Powers, they signed to Loose, joining a roster that includes Courtney Marie Andrews, Israel Nash, The Handsome Family and Treetop Flyers. Praise for their live performances has drawn wildly enthusiastic comparisons to the likes of Kings of Leon, Nirvana, Buffalo Tom and The Marshall Tucker Band. William the Conqueror play AmericanaFestUK on 30th January and a series of UK in-stores in February including Rough Trade East, London on 21st February. The trio then embark on an extensive UK tour in the spring which includes a headline date at The Lexington, London on 21st May. “a mighty launchpad for what's yet to come” Q "a thumping Southern rock and Americana grungy gumbo that hits you right between the eyes” Express “the kind of determination that can only end in glory” Gigsoup 8/10

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Yellow Days

Yellow Days appearing at this event

George van den Broek, aka Yellow Days, is a teenager hailing from the town of Haslemere, England who sings like a 300 year wizard and sits perfectly next to '70s soul greats. Traditional genre boundaries mean little to van den Broek, making his music a refreshing melting pot of jazz, indie, soul and beyond.

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Yonaka appearing at this event

English quartet Yonaka combine heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and on-stage punk furor like the wild spawn of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Royal Blood. The Brighton-based band, comprising vocalist Theresa Jarvis, guitarist George Edwards, bassist Alex Crosby and drummer Robert Mason, met in college while each member played in different bands. They got together in 2014 and quickly gained a reputation for their formidable live shows.

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Youngblood appearing at this event

'The creative outlet of Vancouver’s Alexis Young, the music of Youngblood is dreamy but insistent, a feather-soft pillow of lush sound anchored by electronic grooves.'

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Youngr appearing at this event

Youngr is the project name of musician Dario Darnell. He performs as a one man band, combining synth, drum beats and vocals.

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Yowl appearing at this event

Yowl are five lads from Peckham who make "Brooding ruminations on life’s less brilliant parts set to dark, howling garage-rock" - NME

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Zeal & Ardor

Zeal & Ardor appearing at this event

The black metal, blues, and African American fusion of Zeal & Ardor's music is the brainchild of musician Manuel Gagneux. He moved from his native Switzerland to New York, and took up the moniker Zeal & Ardor, having previously released music under the name Birdmask.

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