Tony Kofi Quartet

Tony Kofi Quartet

at The Verdict, Brighton

This event has been and gone.

At the London Jazz Festival in 2003, Tony Kofi's Quartet famously played a marathon six-hour set comprised entirely of 70 compositions by the modern jazz genius Thelonious Sphere Monk, and a year later Tony released the award-winning Monk CD All is Know (Specific). Tonight, for the first time in Brighton (and there is an extraordinary back-story here), the Quartet will properly recreate/reincarnate All is Know/Monk. Do not miss this.


Tony Kofi Quartet

Tony Kofi Quartet appearing at this event

Quartet fronted by award-winning saxophonist, composer and bandleader Tony Kofi. He appeared in the 2008 Cadbury's Flake commercial with Joss Stone. Tony is joined by Jonathon Gee – piano, Ben Hazleton – double bass, Winston Clifford – drums.

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The Verdict

159 Edward Street

Tony Kofi Quartet image © Tony Kofi Quartet