Legends In The Park 2019

at Perry Park, Birmingham

This event has been and gone.

Legends In The Park is an electronic music festival in Birmingham.

Created to celebrate the legendary dance music culture of the the city in the 1990s and early 2000s, the festival welcomes the iconic brands, promoters, and performers that helped to shape a generation of clubbers.

The lineup is spread across four stages – curated by A Gift From Heaven, Miss Moneypenny's, Flashback, and Sundissential vs Polysexual – hosting an array of veteran DJs from the worlds of house, trance, drum and bass, and more.


Eddie Halliwell

Eddie Halliwell appearing at this event

Superb scratching, mixing and genre spanning abilities.

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Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto appearing at this event

Superb Italian trance DJ playing hard, energetic, uplifting, euphoric, driving music. A true superstar DJ who has released over 600 productions and numerous remixes, and to date has sold over six million copies worldwide. He has played the best clubs around the globe, as well as having headlined every major festival, from Love Parade to Creamfields, MTV Festival, Winter Olympics in Turin, Ultra, Time Warp and Awakenings.

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Scot Project

Scot Project appearing at this event

The German hard trance and techno supremo, Frank Zenker, who has a string of sensational production and remix projects to his name.

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Fergie (DJ)

Fergie (DJ) appearing at this event

A complete pump meister with a mix of hard, funky trance. He built this reputation with Tidy Trax and has had slots at some of the top clubs both in the UK and on the continent. He will also be known to listeners of BBC Radio 1, as he regularly presents and mixes on the station's dance shows.

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Tall Paul

Tall Paul appearing at this event

One of the country's top progressive trance DJs regularly appearing at the likes of Slinky, Godskitchen and Gatecrasher. 'The man who rules the territories where hard house and big tunes meet' (Ministry)

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Jon O'Bir

Jon O'Bir appearing at this event

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Jeremy Healy

Formerly of Haysi Fantayzee and now an internationally renowned DJ and producer who has been consistently popular in the UK and The Balearics with his anthemic brand of big booming party house.

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Sonique appearing at this event

Singer/DJ who topped the charts in 2000 with hit dance single 'It Feels So Good'.

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Freemasons appearing at this event

Freemasons are duo Russell Small (one half of Phats & Small) and James Wiltshire, who also works with Phats & Small under the alias Jimmy Gomez. They are joined by singer Amanda Wilson.

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Abigail Bailey

Pukka Up resident DJ, recently tipped to be the new Sonique, brings a new concept in DJing. Using her amazing vocal talents she freestyle sings new and old tracks, such as chart topping 'I Just Cant Get Enough', over her DJ set.

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Jon Pleased Wimmin

Jon Pleased Wimmin appearing at this event

Top DJ with Ministry Of Sound.

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DJ Hype

DJ Hype appearing at this event

DJ Hype (aka Kevin Ford) has been a master of drum n bass since the early nineties and still pulls in huge audiences today. Blending drum'n'bass, breakbeat, hip hop and jungle, his eclectic style and attention to detail have earned him Best Male DJ and best DJ Radio. He is also the founder of jungle label Ganja which hosts fellow DJs Krome and Zinc.

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Drum 'n' bass DJ with over 20 years experience.

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DJ Micky Finn

DJ Micky Finn appearing at this event

The legendary drum'n'bass DJ.

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Ratpack appearing at this event

The kings of old skool, Ratpack are immortalised in clubbing history thanks to rave anthem 'Searchin' For My Rizla'. Still bridging the gap between underground drum'n'bass rhythms and the more commercial edge of clubbing.

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Shades Of Rhythm

Responsible for two of the rave scenes finest moments ('Extacy' and 'The Sound Of Eden'), 'SOR' have blessed the club scene for many years with their DJ sets and production skills.

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Top Buzz

Legends of the old skool scene, who have traversed from rave to drum'n'bass to jungle with consummate ease. Masterful DJs and mixers.

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Lisa Pin-Up

Lisa Pin-Up is a British electronic dance music record producer, whose career started in the 1990s. She is a hard house producer and part of the Nukleuz label. She is also a part-time model and ranked number 54 in Loaded 's Hot 100 babes in 2002

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Andy Whitby

Andy Whitby appearing at this event

Technically gifted DJ and producer Andy Whitby, who has been attracting praise by the bucketload. His unique style and presence behind the decks – his sets are created using a mixture of his own productions, re-edits and bootlegs – combined with complete dedication to bringing the music to the masses has rewarded Andy with one of the biggest and most loyal fan base within the genre, resulting in him winning Best DJ, Best Album and Best Resident at the Hard Dance Awards. Hailed as the saviour of hard house, his beats are guaranteed to get you dancing.

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Andy Farley

International DJ and hard house legend with a reputation for technical expertise, Andy Farley has been pushing the boundaries of sound for more than a decade. He has also set up Blue; a live event to showcase his own style of techno as well as the talents of the carefully picked international DJ making guest performances at the night.

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Rob Tissera

Rob Tissera appearing at this event

With 12 years experience at the helm of the UK's and world's biggest and best venues, Rob can be classed as a truly versatile DJ. He can easily encompass several styles of music in one set, ranging from deep and progressive to downright hard and pounding at his regular storming sessions.

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Anne Savage

Anne Savage appearing at this event

The angel of hard dance and possibly Britain's most glamourous DJ, who finds time to broaden her horizons and raise her profile with producing credits and TV work. That's when she's not busy globetrotting around the four corners of the club world working up a wax storm. She spins a pounding mix of hard dance tunes and always keeps the beats banging and the floor bouncing. More recently, she has been edging her way into the breaks scene.

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K90 appearing at this event

Mark Doggett (aka K90) has evolved the K90 sound from its hardcore roots to his current more uplifting club sound. Today his live performances are to rarely less than a capacity crowd, and his remix work and compositional skills have ensure he is in the bracket labelled 'worldwide appeal'.

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Nick Rafferty

Resident DJ with Sundissential.

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Also Appearing

Lisa Mallett, Amanda Wilson, Ilogik

Perry Park

  • Walsall Road
  • Perry Barr
  • Birmingham
  • B42 2LR