Thu 25th Jul 2019, 7:30pm

Edinburgh Previews

Paul Sinha has lived his life content in the understanding that stability and emotional happiness were lovely ideas, but not really for him. But several decades of bearing boozy witness to the narratives of others can slowly change a man. And so can a prosecco-fuelled Christmas.

1930’s throwback comedic investigator Troy Hawke’s Tiles of the Unexpected applies his Scrabble mentalism to Kanye West, xenophobia and the ugly truth of Ikea’s link to the CIA.

Troy Hawke

Troy is a matinee idol born in the wrong era. Homeschooled by his elderly mother for the most part...

Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha is a qualified GP and international stand up comic of many years standing, having...

MAC (Midlands Arts Centre)

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MAC (Midlands Arts Centre)