Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke Events

The proteus Creation Space is a new home for proteus, for the creation of its touring work and many of its participatory projects. But most importantly it is a space where anyone can experience and participate in the arts, as an absolute beginner, an emerging artist or as an experienced professional.

proteus is an award winning professional theatre company, that believes the audience is as important as the artist. Quality, Integrity and Innovation are the values at the heart of all proteus’ work, and the criteria by which the company judges its success.

proteus has a history of creating high quality theatre, touring nationally and internationally, alongside innovative participatory work developed exclusively for the people of Hampshire. This programme of work alone reaches over 20,000 people each year.

As an artist led organisation, under the directorship of Mary Swan, the company collaborates with artists from a range of disciplines such as visual art, film, music, puppetry, dance, photography, circus and magic to create its unique performances. The company makes work for, and with, diverse communities from rural villages to socially excluded young people, creating amazing experiences, promoting and advancing education and enriching lives through the power of the performing arts.

proteus invites you to create, experience and enjoy the range of arts activities and experiences we offer here, and most importantly to tell us what you think of them and what you would like to experience at the Creation Space in the future.

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