Extreme Improv Show

Extreme Improv Show

at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

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The hilarious and unpredictable Extreme Improv team return to Aylesbury Waterside Theatre with more made up comedy madness! Watch the fearless Improvisers battle for championship gold as they make up comedy scenes, songs and stories based entirely on audience suggestions.

Extreme Improv takes Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style sketch improv, and throws in extreme twists to make the improv games more challenging and ridiculous then ever before! With a focus on innovation, see unique comedy games created by the Extreme Improv team such as the Reverse Alphabet Game, Verbtim - a game where players have to memorise each other exactly, the Extreme Monologue - where players aren't allowed to repeat any words and the dreaded Gemini Scene where players are joined at the hip like a weird two headed person!

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Exchange Street
HP20 1UG

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